Hey, I’m Bill DeVille, host of United States
of Americana. This week, we’re spotlighting an artist to get to know;
his name is Jake La Botz. The new album is called “They’re Coming For
Me,” and it was recorded at Jimmy Sutton’s studio in Chicago, Illinois; Jimmy Sutton
might be best known as being the bass player in JD McPherson’s band. Actually, JD McPherson is a guest
on the album as well. Jake La Botz grew up in Chicago, he was a high school dropout, kind of a rough kid,
but he started playing blues on Maxwell Street in Chicago, and he met Honeyboy Edwards, which
was really interesting, because Honeyboy Edwards has roots back with Robert Johnson; they were
old friends. So Jake La Botz learned the blues from a real
true practitioner in Chicago, and he learned how to play the blues from him, and you can
certainly hear it in the sound on his brand-new album. Jake La Botz moved out to Los Angeles; he actually met actor Steve Buscemi out there,
and Buscemi befriended him. And the next thing you know, La Botz started
acting; he’s been in 16 different roles over the years, mainly cast as a musician in a
lot of those films. Jake La Botz is also known for his tattoos,
of which he has many, and in fact, he’s gone on at least one tour of tattoo parlors all
over the U.S. Jake La Botz got into a little trouble with
the drugs, and actually later found that meditation worked for him, and he became a meditation
instructor. This guy has quite a story. Jake La Botz and
the new album, “They’re Coming For Me,” was released this past Friday; you should check
it out. It’s really bluesy, it’s really rootsy, and if you like, say, JD McPherson or maybe
Dr John, or Honeyboy Edwards, I think you’ll like this guy’s music. You should check out
his album. Hear music like Jake La Botz and others every
Sunday morning on United States of Americana, the rootsier side of The Current.