– why’d you do that? Is this something you will talk to me about? What do you mean? why did you feel the need to look me so dead in my eyes singing that song like that songs like I can’t sing a Song and buy that with my friend Okay alright, yeah, yeah, okay, I know Exactly what this is about this is because I owe you 20 dollars from when we went to the movies four years ago Ain’t it you didn’t pay me back see see. I knew it look just just Take the $20 just take it take it. It’s your money. No, dude. You’re like deciding about that well I mean you should pay me back this. It’s been the elephant in the room all these years I know you’d like you want the 20 just take the 20 money shouldn’t come between letting it bothered about the 20 It’s just a song. I’m just singing a song. I can’t sing a song Just a song right yeah, it’s just a song dude. Can you don’t relax? I’m trippin buggin my bad. I’ll just change the song all right. Let’s vibe out. Let’s find out Turning of the backseat girl you’re so nasty It’s just a song hey hey hey no, no shut up stay back okay, you’ve said enough hello, Samantha Are you are you sleeping with one of my friends. It’s just a song No, you told me that I bought you that shirt. You told me was for a job interview You didn’t tell me the position was in his back seat. Oh my god. Pink shirt. It’s just a coincidence, bro Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait What do you mean this song is on the top ten Billboard now. It’s a hit song. It’s just a song Let me call you back Good yeah, I was bugging my bad I’m good though. Just you can put on anything, and I’m Gucci I think it’s my fault man Hip hop in general sounds so you know subliminal, and yeah, they do say hip hop’s a contact sport We should change it up just for now I mean, okay ready ?? It’s not so bad though you know [ LAUGHING ] [ OUTRO MUSIC ] #minGO