Hi, I’m Tony van Veen CEO of Disc Makers.
It’s a new year. Is this the year that your plan is finally gonna come together
to allow you to hit all your music career goals? There’s so much to do, you
have to constantly record, be out there in front of the fans, get your music on
streaming sites, perform live, and have physical product in order to pay a
couple of bills. Now you’re probably thinking “of course he’s gonna say
physical product he owns a city manufacturing company “; but
the fact of the matter is there are lots of reasons why physical products are as
essential a part of today’s music mix as they have always been. Starting with
their great revenue driver; for example, if you have to make a thousand dollar
profit from streaming you would need a quarter of a million streams, thousand
dollar profit from physical product means you have to sell 125 CDs at your
concerts or even better 70 t-shirts. Secondly, physical product is a great
brand builder you know beautiful artwork, cover art, photography, you can do
multi-page booklets with lyrics with liner notes I mean nothing builds an
artist brand like that kind of physical product. Certainly no stream and no
download can ever do that. Certainly physical product particularly you know
an affordable CD and a jacket continues to be a great demo. You can hand it to a
promoter and to a DJ hand it to a potential fan so they can discover your
music no download card or business card with QR code or an email with a link
they cannot do as impactful a job as a demo. And last but not least,
fans really crave physical product. Late last year TOOL came out with their album
Fear Inoculum it was like a $60 package with a CD, and the 36 page booklet, and
download card, and a little computer screen, and speakers and fans were lined
up around the block literally at independent record stores. Why? Because
they wanted this physical product. This is from a band that hadn’t played in
like 13 years. So physical continues to be essential for today’s artists and don’t just take my word for it in, the third quarter of last year Warner
Music Group and Universal Music Group both saw revenue increases from
physical product in their mix. Now at Disc Makers we have longtime been advocates
that physical product is one of the best products for artists to make money and
to build their brand, and so when you are looking for your next release to go live
and you need vinyl, you need CDs, you need USBs, or even t-shirts come to us. We’re
happy to partner with you and help you make the most of your plans for this
year. I hope you find this helpful, let’s have
a great year. See you next time!