You now rocking with Kuya David the prime
poetry prime minister I’m out here with my brother, Daniel Hees
the Chubby Fat gawd! And this is, the Pen Clique The most lit poetry podcast, in the known
universe! Facts. Where every episode we invited a special guest
poet in They jump off the show kicking poetic flames
in Threads & Lines Threads & Lines if the first segment where
we pull lines from the poet’s piece, and we inquire what are the threads of life
experiences that forged those lines of poetry; Threads
& Lines We keep it rocking and rollin straight into
the 2 Piece Combo That’s a poetry review segment where we
bring in a video from the internet we give it a quick critique, we give it a
quick review, we give it a quick number, and we move on to the small part of the 2-piece which is, #Poetry. We go on Instagram, find the first actual
post that’s a poem on instagram, and we give that a review, judge it out of
10, yall know what it is and then we go onto the last segment, which
is… 5 for your Eye. That is a 5-word prompted poem. We give the guest poet five words, they can
bring in any poem, any format, any style, kick it during
the show and close us out. So you know poetry dropping when the pen clicks,
and poets get it popping with the pen clique.