So my name is Quinta and I’ll
be travelling out to Guiyang as part of the China
Musician in Residence. So I’m a classically trained
violinist and pianist but since those early, early days, I’ve
moved away from Classical music, I moved into more,
I suppose more popular music and then, you know, playing
in bands and various things and developed my
own solo projects, I was always composing and
writing songs alongside those things and I’d probably describe
those as quite experimental, using improvisation
sometimes, using found sounds, using lots of the instruments
that I like to play so even though I’m trained on the violin
and piano I kind of diversified a bit. So I play the viola and
I play the musical saw and I play bits and bobs of quite
a few different instruments. So I kind of was feeding
these all into my work. I suppose as time went by,
I moved into more art music so I was writing soundtracks
for circus pieces, or dance companies,
or TV as well, so I kind of diversify quite a bit.
So I write lots of different kinds of music but if it were coming from
me it would be, I suppose, bit more experimental,
pushing the boundaries a bit, potentially using electronics,
using new instruments. When I went to university
I did an English degree and was still playing
lots of music. Around that time I met the
the musicians who I play with a great deal now, Collectress,
we’re a group of four female players and I’ve known them now
for about fifteen years, they’re fantastic. I worked for a long while
with The Paper Cinema. It’s a live animation and
live music performance where two-dimensional paper cut-outs
are puppeteered in front of a camera and live
streamed onto a big screen and accompanied by live music. One of the great things about
it is that people can see the ‘making of’, so they see
the puppeteers and they see the musicians but they also
see the complete film too. In 2014, I was part of a
very exciting project which revisited many of Merce
Cunningham’s choreographies and brought them together in
one piece which was performed by Rambert. Rambert is the UK’s flagship
contemporary dance company. The dancers at Rambert
are incredibly talented, musical, interested,
friendly people and they were
completely inspiring. So it was really exciting
when a couple of years later I got to be Music Fellow
at Rambert for a year. I was very keen to bring
musicians out of the dark and onto the same
stage as the dancers and to see the music
being made but I also wanted to think of imaginative
ways of presenting the music. I got to make some lovely
pieces of work as part of that and to make some lovely
connections for the future. There are certain things I’m
hoping to do while I’m in China – different methods of
presenting musical material using a software programme to
design a method such that other kinds of things could be
used to trigger sound. China might be an
interesting place to use those sorts of
things because of technology being so advanced
and people being very interested in
technology over there and also there are different
kind of dance traditions there which could mean that movement
could be an interesting way of presenting the material. it feels quite important to
be able to meet and connect with people who are from
a different culture, different country and people
who are living their lives just in a different
part of the world. I’m looking forward to making
hopefully lasting friendships out of the China visit. I’m sure there
will be challenges, but I’m sure it will be an
incredibly rich experience.