Bobby crispy this video is part of my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play I wanna rock my twisted sister So I’ll play the riff first and then I’ll show how to play [it] note for note using tabs So I’ve broken it down into four riffs So here’s riff number one – opener Okay, it starts off as an a power chord top string fifth fret once then to the g four times the third fret top string so it’s Get up to the [tenth] fret top string D Okay, then it’s an open e power cord top string open then G third fret top string A threat Twice [battery] G third fret after the tenth fret D Then [it’s] fifth string seventh fret [our] chord E down to the third fret fifth string see Okay back to the top string for threat So once again. I’ll play [a] [riff] number one slowly I’ll sure the song structure at the end the video. Okay, riff number two is this No Okay, so that’s power Cord [8] fifth fret top string Holy fuck you guys racing then to the G top string third fret power Chord boys then to the D fifth string fifth fret twice That that’s riff number two. Okay, riff numbers. Three is this okay, so a fifth fret top string awkward the Third fret G power chord once into the D fifth string fifth fret Outward once Then G 6th string 3rd. Fret 4 Times 1 4 then back to the same d power chord festering for threat [4] times back down to the G63 again 4 times Then to the C. Power chord 5th string 3rd fret twice fast And down back to the G 3rd [3rd] fret top string once Back to the D fifth string fourth Red what? Okay, so that’s uh that’s [ref] number three Okay riff number four is the Bridge where he’s singing. I want to rock Rock Rock Pepper Okay, so I’ll play it Okay, so okay so the first time There’s a space. You don’t play which says [rock] then he plays the fifth string cardboard a fifth rhett And again over time Open E power chord tops gee third fret top string once What? Okay, you put don’t play it once skip a beat Same thing a power Chord Rah Rah again What’s more? Then to the fifth string seventh fret e power chord [boys] Down to the C. Power-Chord once fifth string third fret Okay, so played again Don’t forget it. You have space the first the fourth beats Okay Um okay. Here’s the song structure [one] Twice – twice or three Riff one twice of two twice or three rough one twice before and Then through the [sole] you put play a riff one a couple times The other song the rest of the song is riff one played a few times like four or five times Then you fade manually okay, okay? Um that’s a song. I hope it’s been helpful and Thanks for watching