How could you sum up
what your poetry says about humankind’s history? Well, it is a sensitive question because I am saying that we should
leave behind history as it is… we should enter
a post-historical era… there won’t be any peace
and quiet unless we do… what’s more, with nuclear
weapons and the like… humankind will burn up the
ground from under its own feet before even having
the chance to reach the adulthood and peace
of a post-historical era. But how can humankind make the
transition to a post-historical era if it still retains its old nature? It seems — there’s no way of doing
this — and that’s the problem. And is there hope… that
it might still be possible? Well… we can hope for anything… You also have this hope… what
else could ‘communistic man’, who you often talk about, mean? When I wrote these things down
I was perhaps still hoping it’s possible… today at least this hope
has become very faint. Why? Because… man is only able to exist
within the category of the historical… which seems to erode the very
ground from under him… a very difficult situation.