Before we begin to write our rock song, it’s
important to talk about the different tools we need. We need to have, before we even sit
down, what we need to have and have prepared before we get wherever we’re going to get
in order to write our rock song. The first thing you need and the first thing that any
songwriter needs, no matter what genre it is, is a good pen and some type of notebook
or something like that or journal. Right here, the journal that I have, is something I actually
bought in high school and I’ve used off and on throughout my college career and songwriting
career to write different songs. This was given to me as a gift, but it doesn’t have
to be anything fancy. And then, here’s a pen. And you want to get a good pen. You don’t
want just a regular Bic pens. You don’t want something that’s going to run out on you.
You want a good pen because this, these are your most important tools in writing any song,
including rock songs. The next thing you really need to write rock music, is you need an electric
guitar. You can get any type of electric guitar. This is a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster
is a Gibson Les Paul. There’s truly a number of different electric guitars that will work
great for rock music. But, it is important to have one of these if you’re really looking
into writing rock music, you really do want to invest in an electric guitar. It doesn’t
have to be anything fancy. But because of, not that there’s a huge difference between
electric guitars and acoustic guitars, but the subtle differences between acoustic guitars
and electric guitars is big enough to where it would be important when writing for the
rock genre. So you want a good electric guitar.