Hello, and welcome back to another video from
Open Mic UK and our artist development tutorials. Today, I’m gonna help you get the most
out of Spotify. Spotify is a great place for you to distribute your content, get
it out there, get people to find you but you have to submit it to them in the
right fashion. You need song title, artworks, lyrics, release date, name of
the EP, the songwriters, the stores that you wish to submit it to, the band name
or of course the artist name, the genre and the price that you wish to charge.
Now if you’re independent then this can be a little harder than normal. But if you use
an aggregator you can push this from another service into Spotify and then it
will spread it out for you, kind of does the legwork on your behalf. There’s aggregators for people like Ditto Music, CD Baby, TuneCore, Bandcamp, Horus Music, Freshtunes, Soundrop, RouteNote, Level Music, AWAL and Beatchain.
Basically, you put in all of the details you give them the information they push
it to their related connected associates. Some work with Spotify directly and will
immediately get you artists access, some don’t. Spotify promotion. How to get more
followers. As with anything on social media you need to reach out to people
and bring them in you need to do a bit of legwork you can’t just sit there and
do nothing there are things that you can do simple as the Spotify codes you know
things that you can scan that when your gigs or when you’re talking to friends
you can hand them a Spotify code for them to scan they then immediately
follow your profile or a playlist you can make your own playlists to get you
associated with other people’s music so people can find you your genre listen to
you get used to you than what they listen to you them or they like you and
then they follow you offer incentives if you know people within your social
sphere if you happen to be on social media if you’ve got fans if you’re on
Twitter kind of you know give them something in return whether it’s a
retweet whether it’s alike whether it’s interaction because you need to engage
with your audience and your audience can then engage with you so you can talk to
them at your gigs you can talk to them at events you can once again parts
around or details the more you interact the more they buy into you the more than
likely to go and find you on places like Spotify and of course you can always do
your additional legwork outside of a fire write blogs promote yourself on
YouTube create your own videos that way Spotify artists now this is something
that you need to immediately apply for to add a little bit of professionalism
to your profile just like on YouTube there is a way for people to identify to
know that that is a specific artist an original content creator some of that is
actually creating their own stuff you will be able to submit your songs these
songs can then be added to playlists and new lists and new weekly and discovery
things you’ll be able to upload promo images you’ll be able to upload your bio
update things make you look much more professional because you need to take
yourself seriously if you want others to take you seriously as well and more
importantly you get to look at the stats of who is listening to your music where
they’re from what they’re listening to the most and then you can use that
information to maybe craft your music craft to a direction understand your
demographic a little better Spotify codes now I’ve mentioned this
previously these a little scannable sound ways that you can link to specific
things it could be your profile it could be your playlists it could be a specific
song it’s a good way to help people find you sometimes you could be event and
they can’t be bothered searching for your name but if they scan something
with their phone using the app that they already use much easier takes the leg
works out of it you could also intrigued them by creating your own playlist
predetermined for them they go oh yeah yeah you know I’ve got that that help
you I’ve got something that you can listen to I listen to this what I’m
studying I listen to this when I’m at oh I don’t know traveling you should create
your own playlist putting your own little songs mix it with other things
have them scan it they know about your playlist they’ll listen to your playlist
that helps you in the Spotify world and search traffic making players this is a way to expand
your footprint the more playlists you have the easier or the more chances
people have a finding you your music your profile and hopefully connecting
with you and following you your playlists can be found in search by
title by the songs within it and once again it’s a doorway into you your world
it can also make your profile much more active makes it look much more
professional shows that you care shows that you’re willing to interact and
engage and show how you are included within the bubble of your genre your
music and how other audience may relate after all if your musics a bit MOA or a
bit country music II or a bit acoustic you can mix it all in people can go oh I
really like this Ed Sheeran song and it runs into this but this oh it’s a new
artist brilliant follow if you craft a fantastic playlist you can keep on
listening for forever or at least fall in love with your style of play listing
oh give some examples of those shortly getting yourself on playlists is
possibly one of the most important things the more people at you to a
playlist the more people can find you the more you are associating the more
active you are the more Spotify sees that you are being spread around and
might find you or promote you will discover you weekly one of the ways you
can boost your trance have been added to a playlist is joining the Spotify artist
program as notice previously it makes you look professional they know that you
are a registered artist and they’re more likely to promote that because obviously
it’s been guaranteed that it’s you and your stuff your profile looks
professional people are going to trust you and add you or but okay however
never found these before I’ll start listening to them a little bit more and
add you to play this to discover you and learn your style now as mentioned
previously you can use aggregators to get yourself on Spotify if you’re
independent if you’re using district it and CD Baby they have a direct
connection with Spotify and immediately welcome you in to the artist program so
therefore it’s a trusted environment understands that these people connected
once again it might give you an lift within the Spotify world you can get
your way to hunt yourself onto playlist playlist curators people that actively
make playlists in Nimmo know for example have their way of submitting your own
track to see if they’re willing to put it on playlists the more you hustle the
more you communicate the more you talk the more you let people know you exist
the more likely they are to give you a try and put you on playlists and when
they do share that playlist let them know that you’ve seen it you’re willing
to share it out it could be anyone it could be one of your fans it could be a
random stranger that adds you to a playlist or it could be that you get put
on some kind of any moto list or a curators playlist a weekly list or a
discovery niche share that playlist get it out to as
many people as possible because if it is a fan that’s a little thank you to them
and if it is a bigger playlist then its promotion for you more eyes more ears
now when you’re creating playlists you want to hook people in and keep them
listening for a period of time the longer the better and you just want to
discover and experience an audio wonder so you know they keep coming back in
using you the wonderful guys are open mic UK suggest that you you theme it
maybe mixing artists that are very similar to
you very similar sounds very similar styles consider the length of the
playlist what’s that playlist for do you want to compile something that could be
an album length 10 15 songs and intertwine it with some of the popular
artists there’s ed Sheeran there’s my similar track that happens to be Plan B
there’s my similar track do you want it to binge so therefore you’re listening
to it while you’re studying or getting ready to go out you want it a ongoing
soundtrack for a couple of hours has around about 50 songs there or maybe you
want it an all-day playlist something that can play in the background of an
office right then you’re looking at around about 350 or more tracks so you
can compile it that way you can weave it in you can lift them up and take them
down you can set moods within that playlist consider theming them someone
might want to listen to all halloweenie stuff so put all spooky sounds together
maybe they get an excited and they’re getting ready for a wedding no one hit
lovey-dovey songs and things that remind me of you maybe they need something high
tempo something that they can run to in the gym or something angry something
they can shout to is rock music the more you think of their experience the more
likely they are to use your playlist save your playlist save you find you as
an artist and follow podcasts now you can listen
since my five these days events bloody vine purchased anchor which is an
aggregator that pushes podcasts to platforms such as Wi-Fi I know that cuz
I’ve got my own podcast which is to start creating podcast podcast can be a
great way of learning you are niche so if you want to go out there and
understand and learn tips on how to song right in the history of music in the
history of your genre maybe find new artists or learn from up-and-coming
stars then why don’t you hand out some of the top podcasts in your niche the
open mic UK team have a selection that you might want to check out the Joe
Budden podcast with Rory and math dissent song exploder hip hop sake my
life the independent music podcast broken record
soul music microphone check couch wisdom or maybe even an eMac C’s mini mix this
way you get to learn from the industry experts you understand how the industry
works get some songwriting tips and just fill your head full of knowledge the difference is between Apple and
Spotify now this seems to be the ultimate battle brand versus reach
basically Apple being one of the biggest and long-standing brands versus Spotify
that has a wider audience when it comes to free access but if I has over 100
million paid subscribers that’s twice the size of Apple Apple is bigger in the
US with 28 million subscribers that’s Wi-Fi does have a free-to-air tier which
you hear adverts in between so once again anyone can access it you can hear
it via a browser you can hear it via a console was Apple you have to download
that app and their phones if you’re choosing to you can transfer your music
from Spotify to Apple at any time there are apps to do so so you can transfer
from Spotify music to Apple music they both help up-and-coming artists so Apple
has their own beats 1 radio well Spotify have their discover weekly and new music
playlists which they spin and push towards subscribers just to you know
freshen up your ears so then today it’s fairly even it’s all
down to your own personal choice but you need some way to distribute your music
and spotify seems to be many more hands right now it’s up to you for more tips
on putting your music out on social media and tips from the open mic UK team
there’s a playlist here go out there start creating