Hi! My name is Mike Larney from the band Naked
Underneath, and on behalf of Expert Village we will be discussing electric guitar techniques
and general reviews. In this first clip we are going to discuss parts of a guitar. This
is the body of the guitar, this is the neck of the guitar, this is the headstock of the
guitar, these are the tuning machines, or knobs, or machine heads, the strings, which
are essential, the toggle, which will control which pickup or combination of pickups you
will be using, the volume knobs, which will decide the volume of the pickup, the tonal
knobs, again relevant to the pickup, pick guard and the cutaway, which is essentially
for being a rock god, the strap, the jack cord and most importantly here is frets, which
we will be discussed during following clip, chords and also there is these little white
dots typically on the neck of the guitar, that will let you know about what fret you
are at, which will be important in the future.