Hello, hello this is Joe Wiles with the Rock
and Roll Conservatory on behalf of Expert Village. Let’s take a look at “Sharp Dressed
Man” by ZZ Top. Now for this song we’re going to drop our pick. We’re going to use our fingers
okay, and our thumb with our right hand. Let’s take a look at the guitar. The riff starts
out we’re going to put our middle finger on the fifth fret of the G string, ring finger
on the sixth fret of the B string, now we’re also going to position our index finger back
here on the fourth string because, in preparation of the note we’re about to play. This, the
riff goes like this. So it’s both of these together, both of these together, and then
just this one alone. Okay. It sounds like this, and then the next riff starts in the fifth
fret of the B string, third fret of the G string and hammer on to the fifth fret like
that. Put them together and it sounds like this. To speed it sounds like this. Alright
next we’re going to take a look at “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth. I’ll see you