Music artists and entrepreneurs, what’s good. Mike Sarge here from and recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions
when it comes to dropping albums and dropping projects so this is gonna be
the first video 3 in which I talk to you guys about how to drop an album and EP
mixtape whatever it is that you’re trying to drop and we’re gonna talk
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that keep up with me on social media my website or you know just my mailing list
you know that I dropped a brand new album called hunger pains and it’s doing
pretty well it actually charted on the hip-hop
charts on the top 20 on iTunes so I’m really really excited about it I’m glad
so many of you decided to show me some support now to be real with you since
has dropped I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you know from artists
from from bands rappers singers about how I did it what was my plan what was
my mindset going into it and I said you know what this would be a really good
idea this would be a really great opportunity to hop in front of you guys
and just talk to my thought you know just talk to you guys about my thought
process and how I got this done but to start off if I’m being completely honest
with y’all before you drop a project before you dropped you know drop an EP
or a mixtape or an album the first thing you need to do is ask why I don’t know I
never thought I’d get this vibe you see it would be simple for me it would be
super easy for me to just hop it you know in front of this camera and talk to
you guys and go like alright do a B and C then do you know this then do that
then contact this person and do that but I realized if I do that it’s not gonna
help you matter of fact you’re gonna get
frustrated because then you’re gonna be doing things excuse me you’re gonna be
doing things and then if something doesn’t work quite like you thought it
was supposed to or it takes a little more time that you were expecting or it
takes a little bit more work then you’re gonna get frustrated you’re gonna be
like see this doesn’t work I don’t know what he was talking about when the truth
is you don’t understand the why and if you don’t understand the why then
nothing else is gonna matter you’re just going to be
your tongue so this first video I want to talk to you guys about the why when
it comes to you and what are good and bad reasons for why you should drop a
project so to start off I’m gonna talk to you guys about the things I don’t
recommend right I don’t recommend you dropping an album and EP or project if
any of these things apply to you if you’re ready go ahead and buckle up your
seat belt let’s get into it alright so number one I don’t recommend
you dropping an album if you are just dropping an album to keep up with others
yeah you heard me correctly just to keep up with others look this isn’t a race it
isn’t a race to see oh hey they dropped an album he dropped an album she dropped
an EP oh I guess that means it’s my time I need to try no if you’re comparing
yourself to other people you’re already in trouble you’re already digging
yourself your own you know digging a hole for yourself you’re digging your
own grave the funny thing is these people that you see dropping projects
and dropping albums and EPS they’re not actually doing that well matter of fact
if you think about it think about the last couple people that aren’t signed to
you know a major label thinking about think about people in your area or
people that you know that dropped a project recently okay yeah there was
excitement but then after they dropped it did you hear anything from them after
that three weeks later many months later so
much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a
new my guess is 9 you know 8 9 times out of 10 you probably didn’t hear anything
from them after they dropped it why because they probably didn’t have a plan
and they dropped it because they wanted to prove to other people that they could
put together an album and it probably didn’t do that well number 2 I don’t
recommend you drop in any type of projects if the quality is not good now
I’m not saying that your music has to have you know record label quality this
insane like thousand dollar equipment I ain’t talking about none of that because
you can get some some good quality stuff off equipment that is it super high
price I’m not gonna lie to you alright and the average listener they don’t know
better they just know what sounds good so if the quality of your stuff is not
good don’t even think about dropping apart don’t even think about dropping a
project and I’m also saying that I’m preaching to myself because there were
the point when I first got started I was releasing stuff that did not sound good
quality wise as far as maybe the song idea was great but the levels were off
you listen to one song you know the volume was super low so you you know you
tried to compensate and you try to turn it all the way up but then you know the
next song was super high so you had to turn it all the way back down
quality matters so if the quality is not good don’t even think about dropping a
project don’t do it to yourself number three I don’t recommend you
dropping a project if you do not have a you know a solid following even like
even at least a smaller following some of you guys feel like or you think
there’s this thought process you know there’s this thought in our heads that
if we drop an album that all these people that never heard of us before are
just gonna come out of nowhere and start supporting us I’m letting y’all know
right now that’s not real and it’s not going to happen all right
albums don’t help you build a fault I shouldn’t I shouldn’t say they don’t
help I should say they don’t create you’re following that’s what singles are
for when people have never heard of you nine times out of ten they become a fan
or at least become interested when they hear a song from you that they really
really like that they really really enjoy that’s what that’s why you drop
single here single there single there and you’re building a following your
steady building a following so when you have a following that’s like hey I’m
ready for new stuff and you have people that are actually anticipating your
music not you thinking people are anticipating it you can see it through
engagement emails conversations things like that then you can go alright it’s
time to release a project but if you don’t have a following in any stretch of
the imagination you should probably reconsider you know
trying to release a project or do a project and continue to release really
really good singles alright number fo number fo is a pet peeve of mine and
some of you are like why did you change your voice up because this is a pet
peeve and I need to talk like this hello number fo I don’t recommend you dropping
a project if you do not have completed social media pages completed social
media pages as in if you don’t have a Facebook artist page Facebook artist
page with a filled out by oh what a reasonably good-looking picture of
yourself what stuff filled out with you making like posts consistently on there
if you don’t have a filled out IG not an IG would just your picture on it that
says rapper or just singer and your your your city you know like actually fill it
out go to other artists and see what they’re doing go to your favorite
artists and see what they’re saying it doesn’t have to say that your Grammy
nominated or anything like that but you need to put some put something there
complete your social media pages whether it’s VanCamp SoundCloud Twitter Facebook
snap whatever it is if you don’t have a completed social media page you look
music should be I’m talking about a project that should be the last thing on
your mind last thing on your mind man if I go ahead and take that thought in just
buckets nah that’s not a bucket that’s a brick cuz you ain’t getting stuff done
so get that done first please number five you do not need to be thinking
about dropping a project if you don’t have anything to say I know that people
feel like oh let me just have this single hearing this single hearing this
single here oh yeah I have songs that I’ve written
I have songs that I’ve recorded you know what I have so many songs I’m on and so
just take them and just throw it out there and call it an album don’t do that
you’re doing yourself a disservice and this is why look people really enjoy
singles and really the way that streaming is going you know pushing a
single is a great thing right now pushing individual tracks is a great
thing the problem is when you just throw something together and just throw it on
there and just call it an album and call it a EP you’re gonna run into trouble
because when we compare who’s the best and who’s better than Who we’re not
comparing just their singles we’re comparing their albums when we say hey
this person is better than this person we go buy albums we go these songs on
this album are better than the songs on this album so you can’t just throw
something together if you don’t have anything to say but there it’s about
your life your past your present or you trying to go whatever your message is
whatever your motto is if you’re not pushing that through the album and you
don’t have nothing to say you don’t need to be dropping a project do not rush a
project a project of mixtape and album EP is not something to be rush so if you
don’t have nothing to say and last but not least this is the one
that I had to stay for last number six I don’t recommend you trying to release an
album planning on dropping album or project if you don’t plan on spending
money on promotion and marketing I do that it doesn’t matter if you have the
most fire music it doesn’t matter if that joint is Fuego it doesn’t matter
for those of you that listen to my albums you know you got the punch you
got the button anyway listen it doesn’t matter if you dropped a classic album if
no one’s ever heard of you before what does it mean it means absolutely nothing
it doesn’t matter how good you look it doesn’t matter how good you can sing rap
playing instrument how well you’re you know how good your beats are it does not
matter it does not matter it does not matter you need to spend money on
promotion on promotion whether it’s on blog sites whether it’s just do you know
to do sponsored post on social media and doing them correctly might not add or
else you’re just wasting your money but if you’re just thinking oh okay when it
drops I’m just gonna do solely social media and I’m just gonna post on there
and then I’m gonna get upset when nothing happens because I only got like
you know 10 to 15 likes on a post about my album and everyone else’s album is
getting recognition everyone else’s EP is getting recognition and I don’t know
why mine’s not it’s because you did not properly you know properly use your
resources including your money to push it you know do your research do your
research but make sure if you don’t actually plan on spending money don’t
even think about pushing the project it project excuse me it takes money
everything takes money it takes money to record get stuff mixed and mastered get
a good quality album cover you know push it to different websites and different
platforms it takes money and listen don’t make up excuses why you don’t have
money like you don’t have to have all the money in the world but you could
stop eating fast food four times a week you can you can stop buying games that
you don’t need you can stop going to the mall and spending as much money as you
do there you can stop going to the club as much as you do and I’ll somebody I’ll
try to act like now and go nowhere I’ll do nothing okay but you got all these
subscriptions and stuff that you don’t pay nothing you know you don’t pay it
doesn’t that that subscription don’t help you towards your dream
towards nothing else but you subscribe to about 50,000 different things that’s
all I’m saying you can get it done you can have money you can have
resources and funding for your project but you have to make the decision that’s
you’re gonna do it simple as that and that’s it for this week again this
is part one of how to drop an album what you guys think if you like this video go
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