Hi, I’m Frank Pope of FBI Guitars and I’m
here on the behalf of Expert Village to talk to you guys about how to build your own guitar. Required Tools: Part 1
Now I’m going to show you the band saw. And this is one of the most important tools you
are going to need for building a guitar. The band saw will let you cut out different shapes.
You will be able to cut out the general shape of the guitar, the outline of it. You’ll also
be able to cut out the top and side dimensions of the neck and move on to shaping it. This
is a 10″ band saw. It’s probably $150. You can get one that’s slightly smaller than this.
You need to have a band saw that will cut at least 4″ high. As long as you can cut that
high on the band saw it will be good enough. Now, I’m going to show you some of the general
sanding tools that you’ll need to build a guitar. The first one that you see here on
the bottom is what’s called an occilating spindle sander. The spindles rotate and they
go up and down. What the allows you to do is shape curves and contours and have a smooth
curve to whatever you’re using the sander on. The second one, these have different size
spindles so you can then put a smaller spindle on if you’re cuttting a smaller curve or the
inside of the horn of a guitar. This is a random orbital sander with large
grit paper, like 40 or 60, it’s used for actually carving wood when I use it. I recommend you
buy a cheap one. You will burn it up after about 3 guitars, it’s not recommended for
what we’re using it for, so don’t spend a lot of money on one. The expensive ones will
last but they don’t have a radical enough movement to actually carve. With finer grit,
maybe 220 or 320, these will actually finish the top of the guitar and get it ready for
final preparation. This is just a mouse. Cool thing about this
is that it can go in really tight places. It can get inside curves and sand smooth things
that you couldn’t do by hand. The other one is just a quater sheet sander.
Just a vibrating sander. This is the one you use to put the final sanding on the wood before
you put stain on it or for the unstained portions before you apply the finish. This is the handheld router. You’ll need one
of these to be able to build a guitar. In this router we’re going to use what’s called
a pattern cutting bit. It’s a bit that has a ball bearing at the top of it, that will
allow us to use templates. I’ll demonstrate the use of a template later. Again it’s not
important that you have a very expensive one of these, it’s not even necessary that you
have a plunge router, which is one that you can push up and down while it’s in operation.
If you’re willing to take the time to set the height each time you cut something, you
can save a lot of money and just get the cheapest one you can buy. This is a router table. It is used primarily
to put the truss rod in the guitar. The way that it works is, there is a small amount
of dremel tool under this table. It comes up through this hole, it will be centered
and we’ll use that to route the truss rod. You don’t have to have one of these, you can
use an edge guide on your router and simply slide it down the piece of wood. I just recommend
using this.