music is a really a wonderful vehicle that helps us get in touch with that person humanity if a resident had a diagnosis of dementia the probability of news of an antipsychotic medication was very high every day physical altercation it ends up in fight and it ends up in divorce agency to precipitate this availability of pipe arms that really started to cool as lot of creative endeavors in how to add Humanity in the care of for dementia residents who live in a nursing home dementia is not an identity it is a diagnosis and people still continue to meet the people that they are see them responding by moving their heads or tapping their feet and if you walk up to them to say you like it they go by the nod offer yes we were able to program many of the icons with music that was specific to the needs of individual residents if I can give them a mix of music that they want it just makes it very much happier and it makes them that much easier to get along with so like I say sometimes if you're not going through what the resident is going to you mentally you won't really understand it but if you could relate to them through music is one of the best things in the world place of music in everyone's life is so unique because it begins to blend in with our emotional memories having music and memory and we have the ability to just bring back that person sometimes for a moment and sometimes for a day it's it's worth more than a thousand words music and memory has impacted with the staff as well by reducing a lot of the stress that we heeded who had suffered by trying to make this residence comfort him anybody who has played this atlas for division so I always tell my staff and I always think that see ourself flowerless which so when we have passion for the measurements we do that music and memory works because it's a wonderful way to individualize recognizing who this person is recognizing his or her personality it's really true music bringing up that person's being in touch with their own life you