Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is better my guitar lesson series, so today. I’ll show how to play happy birthday three different ways easy for beginners Rock and as a chord melody Okay, so I’ll play Super Easy first For beginners. I’ll play it first then I’ll show how it’s played note for note Okay, here it goes [Hmm] Okay on the fourth string open twice. That’s [D] second fret Open again Third string g open fourth string fourth [fret] fourth string open twice second fret fourth string over Third string second fret third string open fourth string open twice [second] string third fret second string open third string g open fourth string fourth [fret] second fret second string first fret twice second string open G Third string open second fret third string third string And now the [cords] happy birthday, so it starts off as g Then D gee another [chi] and see Bennett’s Gee D G [ok] now the rock of even heavy metal version [ok] I’ll play it first ok 3rd string 7th fret twice and hammer on to the 9th fret 7th [2nd] string 7th fret bend up the sub threat Back to the third string seventh fret twice and run to the ninth Vii and slide up the second string 10th fret 8 back to the 3rd string 7th fret twice First string 10th fret slide up to it [7th] second string 7th fret Bend up seventh fret regular slide down to the fifth first string seventh fret Hammer [ons] late for the eighth again seventh second string eight Bend up on the [eights] And play the eighth normal yeah Okay, now as a court melody where you play the melody and the chords at the same time So I’ll play it first. I’ll show let’s play you He starts off as part of the G chord [bottom] two strings is third fret fourth sir Third string fourth fret fourth string fifth fret so twice Play the second string Fifth fret second string Third fret then play [with] the first string 2nd 3rd and 4th strings 2nd fret fourth and Third strands twice Third string, I threat stuff so fred second string [tenth] fret For [three] [ninth] 13 seventh fret [2nd] string a threat Than just the two Middle strings twice the same Cord, But add first string 10th fret Seventh fret so you’re actually playing the sub threat with your first finger the fourth Third and second strings the riddle two strings 7th fret 2nd string 10th fret the back to the [2nd] string 8th fret 3rd string 7th fret 4Th string metric That’s happy birthday. [I] hope you have found this lesson helpful and thanks for watching