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We’re gonna be worshipping on the altar of Jimmy Fallon and his original idea Google Translate songs, let’s watch: Google Translate, you know it’s not always perfect for example when we translated to when translated to Hungarian and back The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon becomes at night show stars Fallon Jimmy, okay So let’s see The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to Hungarian and back TV Show That Swipes Concepts From Youtubers Without Credit Starring Jimmy Fallon So if you’re not familiar, there’s this girl called Malinda Kathleen Reese And she has been doing this on a running basis on her Youtube channel since 2014 While Fallon just started in 2017, take a look at her intro. ‘So you know put something into Google Translate And you translate it into another language and then you try to translate that back into English It’s usually not what you put in the first time.’ Hmmmm, this seems oddly familiar J: So we did the same thing with popular song lyrics. M: And I recently thought okay? What would happen if I put song lyrics through Google Translate. So Malinda’s series with videos like this is called Google Translate sings while Fallon series is called a very inventive google translate songs I’m not bringing this up because I think there’s some law or something that would prevent the Tonight Show from doing this I’m sure they’re well within their legal rights But it just seems so freaking petty to not shout her out when it’s so obvious where it comes from. Instead from the second episode they started saying this: ‘So we did the same thing with popular song lyrics some people have done this online, it’s super fun.’ Haha- “Some people have done this online” Jesus Christ! I mean I do know that other people have done this apart from Malinda, but she’s the originator of it and I can already imagine the comments coming in on this video like “If it’s not illegal then why are you complaining about it?!” and I think about it like this like if Jimmy Fallon somehow became a pregnant woman tomorrow and wanted to have a segment called I drink a lot of alcohol to harm my baby That would be it totally. I mean it would be in poor taste It would be a totally legal Segment to have. My point is that if you only reacts to what’s illegal then you let a lot of bad behavior Slide and, you know, bad drinking while being a pregnant Jimmy Fallon this slide I use other people’s concepts and stuff all the time in my videos But I make sure to credit them because it just makes sense! These TV shows are obviously not interested in that or even like Supporting the online community where they take their ideas from. Okay so I’m gonna move on now and try out Malinda’s concept for myself if you do end up enjoying this type of video I think you should check out her channel. Anyway. This is my first Google Translate song in this video. Let’s go Okay, so there’s actually some other types of Google Translate songs as well one of my favorites is this Easter Egg in Google Translate called Google Translate beatbox Which has been uploaded by the Youtuber Tiny Bubble Extreme basically what you do is that you put in a bunch of weird letters into Google Translate, set it to German and it makes a sick beatbox beat *example of said sick beatbox beat* Don’t die notice what I did there. I combined the Google Translate beatbox with the comment song. I’m an amazing Youtuber Sadly they’ve changed the Google Translate speech engine since that video was made and this is what it sounds like if you try the same thing now Default set kabhi Ecija copy fall set copy phobias Okay, so time for another google translated song this one is probably my second favorite And the best one is coming in the end of the video ok Let’s go The Youtuber Garfield2142 made another one of my Favorite Google Translate videos he noticed that when you just put a bunch of periods into Google Translate and set it to Japanese it sounded like this *dotodotodoto* Then he sampled that and used that to make a version of Heart and Soul you know that one song that Everyone learns on the piano and just start out and it sounds really awesome *Heart and Soul but in dotos* But just like with the beatbox this whole thing was destroyed when the speech engine was updated And this is what it sounds like if you try the same thing today *uttersilencefordayz* Silence the world in 2017 is a cruel place devoid of datos Okay time for the final Google translated song this video is part of a series called singing experiments There’s a bunch of other videos check them out if you want to and if you don’t want to see Anything like this and the rest of your life Then make sure to click the block button down there and also click the block bell, and you will never see me again Okay, let’s hear the song Hello? Hello-o bet you can’t make a song in under five minutes *rage induced and other sounds* Do something fun. This is boring, I’m bored. Oh this is getting fun. Oh my god. I’m John. I’m I’m yawning