Okay, so when you want a guitar lesson, who are you going to call Bobby crispy? This guitar lesson is [about] how to play the theme from ghostbusters, so I’ll play the parts first I’ll try to play you don’t [you] doubt? Okay, so the intro part is this play it first Okay, top string second fret slide up the 19th back down the third string second fret and [Rondo] third and fourth You do that several times In X-cart is the guitar pert chart Rhythm [looks] like this [that’s] a b chord and a and an e so if you play the fifth string second fret the 2nd 3rd and 4th strings be [cork] a [Ecord] 2nd 3rd and 4th strings and E chord 2nd 3rd and 4th strings Regan slowly Okay, next part is a keyboard part. It’s like this Okay third string fourth fret twice second string fourth fret third string fourth fret second string second fret second-string sorry third string second fret Third string fourth fret 4 times second fret Okay, again slowly [next] [part] is this Yes, the third string fourth fret second string third fret Third string fourth fret and you do that four times to the third fret the fourth fret Do it one more time? The third string second fret around the third and fourth grade you cancel each Part it’s pretty much the same, but it’s like a higher harmonic so play it first Okay, second strings. Don’t fret third string seventh fret do that four times Do it one more time fourth string [seventh] fret around to the eighth night Mm-hmm? Another keyboard part in the [Ramela] song is this See top string 10th fret 9th second string 10th first three nights [start] [to] intense so here in 12 Okay, Master Katara 1:43 is this Okay, top string slide [seven] fret 2nd string 10th fret pull off the [9th] Search string best [fret] [7] [Mm] [8] fourth string Nitro Okay more time Okay, and that’s lesson. I hope you have fed helpful. Thanks for watching