– Remembering high school
is like one, one, 15? – 12, 14, 12? – 2, 14, 18? – These are not locker combinations, but mass shooting dates
are finding themselves haunting school hallways. – The hollow echo of screams
sound like a history lesson. – The blood sliding down the
walls resembles a science project gone wrong and it makes me wonder- – Are schools teaching
the lessons that kids need to survive? – Could they squeeze in
how to dodge a bullet somewhere between social studies and PE? – Could they discuss in
Geography how California, Louisiana and Florida
are starting to look like the guns they were shaped out to be? (crowd oohing) – In speech, in speech
they’re taught about irrationality, so concerned about reaching on debates, they neglected to talk
about people reaching on their waist. – Will they correct their language, because gun talk tends to
sound like bad grammar. – In English Composition, could they write a descriptive paper about a killer? – Extra credit, don’t use the words black or mentally unstable. – They tell us the blood
clouding our thoughts is seek and release. Teach our kids to
recognize armored tongue. Show them defense tactics. – Fire drills don’t teach them to fall in horizontal lines. – Gunmen do. (crowd oohing) – Life is the cause of
funding mental problems. Some things don’t add up
until the numbers drop and the dead is fractioned
off below enemy lines. – We tell ourselves that it’s hard to recognize a killer with no target. – His eyes don’t capture
specific subjects. Can you teach them body language? – They call teachers a line
of defense in education. – Where is the defense when bullets try to substitute their
class and give students a lesson on the true history of America? – Teach them that not
all cowboys wear hats. Some of them reveal
themselves in context clues. – Pop quiz. Add one gun into a classroom. Divide the room with bullets. Multiply that by the
amount of fear in the room once you subtract souls. Now could you solve for
Y without using your trigger finger? (crowd oohing) – Now I don’t know much about Chemistry, but I know that a child’s
oxygen shouldn’t be smothered with gunpowder and
lead don’t mix with blood. – I know white and killer
creates a chemical bond and murder can split an atom. – Bullets are careless. – Drunk driving through school hallways, crashing into innocent bystanders. – Bullets are criminals. – Consuming the blood of
children is underage drinking. – Bullets are the new bully. – We’ll invite your crush to the prom, just to take them out. – We’ll beat you to the punch. No tuxedo needed. Bullets always fly. – You ever seen an AR-15 taking kids like gunpowder and OD on their lunch line? – One of the students from
the Parkland shooting said- – They are the kids, we are the adults. We have to take action. – He fired his words. – Protected his heart
from losing its pulse. – And guess what? – He ain’t no gun. (roaring applause) – Hey y’all, what do y’all
think about Godslam so far? (crowd cheering)