First of all, your songs are like the soundtrack
to my life for the past eleven years. Thank you. Wow, thank you for that. Thank you! So I wanted to know what is your approach
when you go to write a song? There’s a lot of different approaches. Sometimes it’s a lyrical concept of some kind. You have just a phrase in your mind or an
adage that everybody knows. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of a tune
that won’t go away that keeps coming up. OK
Do you know what I mean? Yeah! For sure. And a lot of times it’s a, if there’s some
kind of common story, common theme in your life, or amongst your friends that people
are going through the same thing or same type of thing. It keeps coming up, I’ll go, you know I need
to write a song about that. Nobody’s written one, or somebody wrote one
but it hasn’t been for a while and I want to see what kind of version of it I can do. Right. See if people can relate, you know? I think that’s the goal of a songwriter is
to take something that other people are feeling and make just make it rhyme. For sure. Laughs
And you’ve done a great job. Not Over You is a iconic song to me. Thanks. Thank you very very much. Iwrote that with a great songwriter named
Ryan Tedder from the band One Republic! Super, super talent. We hammered that out at his place in Denver. After he massaged it a little bit with the
production work, I got a hold of it and said Man this is amazing, we’re taking this to
the radio. Yeah
You know what I mean? Yeah! That’s awesome. So, now we’re just prepping for the tour coming
up. I’m doing a tour this summer with Andy Grammar. So that will be August through October. Okay. And I’ll have a new album and stuff like that. Awesome, I can’t wait. Thank you. But I look forward to playing this one tonight. This is going to be one of my favorites. Yeah it is. Thank you so much I don’t want to take too
much of your time. Thank you!