Being a lawyer you have to be very, like,
strict and you have to stick to certain forms and to rules and do things in a
certain way. And music is more like the wild wild west, you really have to try to be outside the box. I am Ingrid Witt, I’m a songwriter and
producer and I also sing sometimes. So I studied a law and worked as a lawyer in a total of ten years and it wasn’t really what I wanted to do and I’ve
always wanted to make music it has always been my dream. Okay now we’re going into Stockholm library and this is the first time that I’m here since I graduated. I think it was because my dream was never to be a lawyer and suddenly I worked like really hard to become good at something that I never
really felt that I wanted to do or I never dreamt of like “yeah I’m gonna wear a suit and I’m gonna you know go into court and be like that person” like I mean a lot of people that I studied with had that dream but I never had that. I didn’t have like an ambition really to be good at law, I just did it because
everyone had that ambition, sort of. The turning point was that I worked so
much and I was really stressed and I really sort of hit the bottom with
stress and like anxiety and stuff and then I had to really think about who I
wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I decided that I wanted to like, follow my
dream again so I went back to making music. So it’s just fun to play with this. I have no idea what’s happening now. I think when I started to make music again, what is it, a few years ago? It was quite you know energetic and more like up-tempo and more like energetic pop
music but I think now since I’ve got a child, I’ve become like more
sensitive and in a way my and my music it has also been more like sensitive and it’s funny because I said like I’m happy now but my music is quite sad. Things like pregnancy and stuff like makes you connect to your feelings like in a very
very weird way. And it’s also nice to have some way to like express those thoughts. Music for me is a way to figure out who
I am and it’s almost subconsciously because I write something in them, maybe afterwards I’m like “oh did I write about this, have I been thinking about this so much obviously I have” So it’s a lot about asking myself questions and answering them in the music. The music process is different from time
to time and sometimes when I write for my own project, for Ingrid Witt… I often start with like chords and maybe a beat, like the tempo and then I start with
melody and then the lyrics but now like the past year I try to think about what
I want to say with the song like maybe a title or just like a phrase before I
start, like to start the melody and start like the chords and stuff because you
want to combine the music and the lyrics so that it connects somehow. I feel very much free now and feel like free in spirit, that you can’t plan what’s gonna happen, so I just like, sort of go with the flow and now I think that if I’m just doing my best, something will
come out of it, something good will come out of it. What I see for myself in the future… I’m always doubting this. Should I continue to do this at all or should I, you know. go back to law and get a proper job and all that comes with it? So my mind is always going back and forth, back and forth and that’s my mind but my heart and my feelings, they are always in music, somehow. I’m always also thinking about like how should my next song sound and what new sounds can I
add to the production, how do I make this different and new and and still relevant to people so that they sort of recognize stuff. It’s very double so I don’t know, probably I would just continue like this, maybe forever if it works out somehow. Good job, good job.