Hey I’m Nariah Ardour and this is the third
video in my as it happens vlog series. Horay! I’m finally uploading content to YouTube.
It took me a little bit to get going, but it is going now, and the covers are on their
way very soon as well. So what’s been happening with my project more
specifically? Well I had a lot of trouble getting this vlog done. It was a classic tale
of rushing and cutting corners to try and get ahead. Ended up scrapping the first
two lots of footage and a bunch of scripts. I cant say i was pleased, but the experience
wasn’t a total waste. It inspired a blog post for my website, I looked for ways to improve
my skills on camera and improved my lighting. Hair in my face (laughs) All of which wouldn’t have happened, had everything
just gone well. Not exactly my plan but I think it worked out for the best. Now for some good news. The equipment I’ve
been waiting on has arrived so, the testing has begun in preparation for covers. Which
brings me to my next point. I wanted to elaborate on how I’m gonna use this new gear to improve
my audio for covers. To explain it simply, I’ll be micing up my
amp, with the mic going through an audio interface. That way, I can record myself with
the same program that’s playing the backing track, and it’ll already be synced up. Then
all I have to do is sync up my video with the new audio. The last topic I wanted to go over is self
promotion. Being a new channel with very little content, I think I’m gonna have to work really
hard, just to get even a few more views. Despite minimal gains initially, it’ll be
worth it because, it’s gonna lay the foundation for low maintenance snowballing in the future,
when I’m more established and I have way more content. If you found my channel through social media
you may have noticed, I’ve already begun to get a little more active on the different
platforms… mostly twitter and Facebook, but I am working on adding content to other ones
like Pinterest and Instagram. I’m also looking for some more places/communities to promote
my videos. I’ve already found a couple, but a few more would be really great, so if you
have any suggestions please leave me a comment, it would be really appreciated. Anyways, I need to go work on my first cover.
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