It’s high time to practice my gortar ?! Well…I guess I will have to learn some fingerstyle gortar nope I prefer fingerstyle gortar what the hell?! that creaking sound coming from my tripod… I could sell my tripod to Hollywood’s Horror Movie Industry tune… run away tune… and run away please… run away please don’t kill me oh no…here it comes tune me up bro I need your help This song would be a perfect fit for a horror movie Try to imagine a whole bunch of kids with knives…dancing in a circle and singing this song too much Sinister I guess… okay…I need a break from that life … I should have bought a guitar with a fixed bridge…. or a Kazoo so nice splendid excellent cool damn… Alrighty then! My perfect pitch will guide me easy-peasy just a little bit we’re almost there and voilà! here comes the snap…little darling here comes the blood, and I say it’s all right… Literally me…tuning a guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge for the first time ever…genius… 🙁 Oh…come on! I will buy you a better speaker and new tubes… Ha! Nice try guitar tuner! 🙁 brain.exe has stopped working wait a minute… the_master_volume_knob.exe is loading