Hello everyone. This is GoToe speaking We gonna do KPOP game together I am not alone today too They are doing really great with their 2nd single album ‘HUSH’ from 08/19 EVERGLOW is coming to my Yt channel!!! Hello!! We are EVERGLOW πŸ™‚ Hello I am sihyeon in Everglow!! My part is Vocal and bright energy source in our team Hello! I am Aisha!! Charming point of Everglow!! Hello!!! ONDA is coming!!! (ONDA means coming in Korean) I am ONDA!!! The reason Why I exists for subscribers of GoToe (EU means reason in Korean) I am the leader of EVERGLOW, E.U πŸ™‚ Hello. I am dancing, main vocal in Everglow!! I am MIA!! I am visual center of Everglow!! I am Yiren!!! Today’s KPOP game is Guess the KPOP song with Instrumental version of KPOP Not a team game, Indivisual game One point each with artist and title Winner will get…. What will be the best??? Give a clap? clap and That… what is that thumbnail!! thumbnail and 10 second personal promotion time Only for the winner!! 10 second Getting start right now!!! You can say your name ASAP if you know the answer seriouly I will give her a chance You are doing well So.. Am I got 2 points?? All of you know the choreo!!! We worked at the same time when we did our 1st album But.. Why I didn’t answer it… Sorry.. This is my turn πŸ™‚ You are too fast!!! I need to do my best… cuz I am KPOP youtuber.. You all knows the choreo… how…? I don’t remember anything…. I think we both… same How to do….? Rock Paper Scissors This is sober world of games Adore U of SEVENTEEN!!!! E.U : You are… a bit fast (MIA : SHAME..) YIREN : I… I… I know the artist… If you answer wrong, next is my turn (Reservation canceled) How… to know this all in a second..? How to know this??? (The choreography automatically comes out when the song comes out) I really love this song (concentration) ONDA!!!! NCT 127 SUNBAE…. Simon says!!! GoToe : oh…. That’s right…. (BIG EYES) All of them are getting faster and faster All of you are really good at this How… to know this???? oh..I love this song too SIHYEON : I love this choreo too GoToe : what is this?? (MIA doesn’t interested in answering, she just enjoying music) I am so hot!!! MOMOLAND SUNBAE YIREN : We need to answer at least one…!!! MIA : I… I really don’t know … What… are we doing…!! 3 people at the front!!! What are we doing (She just enjoying music) (Highest tension ever) Oh.. please GoToe : How…. to doing so well?? MIA!!!! (Her eyes lost to go) Where do I need to see??? YIREN : Wherever you want!! BTS SUNBAENIM!! Oh… I see!! That’s right OMG…. I can’t remember the title!!!! You fail!!!! I will give you 5 second fake love! Do you have any other idea?? Your face is like something stolen First score from the members at the front row GoToe : I really can’t expect all of you are doing so well like this Sihyeon : I..I am the fastest!!!!!!!! Who is the fastest person??? OKOK Gotta Go – CHUNGHA SUNBAENIM Oh… I love it Switch to intensive mode naturally I think… I know this I really know this song What if…. nobody knows this answer…? I think I don’t know GoToe : Actually I don’t know this song I know this melody What about listening one more time? Yes… This melody is so familiar to me Good Luck – AOA SUNBAENIM?? MIA : No! This one is so… hard ONDA : OH!! I think … Yes Good Luck is reasonable EU : I think so too MIA : I think that is boy group song ONDA : Aha…really? This is so hard YIREN : What if answer is Good Luck?? E.U : I… I don’t know I really don’t have any idea I really wanna see this answer If answer is Good Luck, That is really DAEBAK I think.. yes that is a bit lower than Good Luck’s pitch Yes… That is so familiar song I really know this song Is that similar??? I mean melody I really remembered this sound That problem is… I only remember sound TWICE SUNBAENIM – Yes or Yes You are doing so well!!! YIREN : Unnie… You… are genius YIREN : ( Culture Shock) MIA : ( She knows nothing in this situation ) Our score is counting now? (Seems to be taking a listening test) YIREN : Adapted to this situation she is no longer surprised ONDA knows this answer now You are the best – MAMAMOO Yes.. that is answer All of you are the best Aisha and Sihyeon… wow What about our score now?? kk MIA : I decided to be satisfied with 2 points Does anybody knows your score?? I think.. I am 4~6?? Sihyeon : I am 8 now GoToe : I am 4 now EU : 0 ^_^ MIA : 2 !!!! Yiren : I am….0… (Shy.) His Hips always advance first I … don’t know I think I can know this That is… so hard How about… listening one more time? Do you know the anwer?? Yes.. I think… I know it I think VIXX – Scentist That is just.. my feeling I am not sure… but I think.. (They are not freezed) Actually I don’t know this… Me too!! But I just feel it Our game is not over yet!!! I am chasing you!!! I don’t know this with melody You is the first??? NOIR – SUNMI SUNBAENIM finally I am 4 point now!! GoToe!!!! They are looking GoToe like meerkat Yes..? (Come on~~!!) Relentless countdown Keep listening I… I think I know it Anybody has an idea??? I really know this song I know this song That first melody is really familiar to me Yes,, That melody is so familiar I think Yes 100% all of us know this song EU, YIREN : Oh.. really??? Yes.. I think yes I know this IF… If I will sing this song Could you give me one point to me?? Yes we will (Negotiation breakdown crisis) Can I answer it?? That… That is from SF!!!!!!!! Plz forgive me FAIL!!!!!!!!! Can I… bring 1 point??? Wow… I am so sorry (MIA : Already gave up) I think… my response system is so slow Me too…. Answer Can I answer it only artist?? I think DAY6??? NONO MY strategy is just bring 1 point EXO SUNBAENIM – UNIVERSE (GoToe : OMG…. Yes… she is right) (GoToe : Yes yes yes….. that is answer) Yes. I think that is right Am I right???? YES Yes. Nowadays I am listening EXO SUNBAENIM songs a lot GoToe : You are doing so well How to know this answer with thos melody?? She is genius…. DALLA DALLA – ITZY SUNBAENIM!!!! You are so fast That is amazing That is really hard one that guess the songs with only… this melody What is your score now?? You answered a lot (She is here for enjoy ths KPOP songs) Just enjoying it!!!!!!!! What is this..? (See the different mood of 1st and 2nd row) (1st row is only focusing at enjoying this game) I think everyone knows this song Sorry to the artist That is DAY6 song… OMG AISHA : I really love DAY6 SUNBAENIM song!!!! You know I am listening their song everyday!! ONDA , SIHYEON : Yes!!! You always listening DAY6 song AISHA : That is in my playlist… Please… Give me a chance to say anything Wow… our song came out!!!!!!!!!!!! I think yes.. This moment is really Inspirational moment That is amazing!!!!!! That is…I am so touching now SPRING DAY – BTS!!! Wait… That is not I think Are you sure?? How about listening one more time? Yes I think we need to listen more Did I sing Spring Day before??? What did I sing???? WANNA ONE – Spring Breeze That is right-!!! A big thing was about to happen We saved his life… You saved my life Thanks… from GoToe Is that finished?? (They have really lots of fun) how about scoring??? Does anybody knows the score?? That is the best That is so fun!!!!! Look at this tension Score was not counted now right?? Does anybody knows..? I think she won this game Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did so well You were so fast Yes that was amazing I’m in charge of the reaction rate in the group She got now personal skills Are you ready to do 10 second?? Give count 10 She doesn’t say anything kk Am I doing.. something wrong?? That is Best example of self-promotion She spent 10 seconds with kk I didn’t expect that