A song competing
for number one this week. SOUL’s
I Like Your Dream! I foresaw earlier
that the song would move up the chart, but the whole thing started
in an unexpected place. A four-year-old child interrupted
a live news interview, and dug in for a piece of chicken. Who knew this would’ve been
the first domino of SOUL’s success? Ma, ma, ma! Is that fried chicken? The girl never let go of the chicken
as she was dragged out by her father, and the meme went viral And as you know,
the model for this chicken was… PHOENIX CHICKEN none other than SOUL Next thing to take off was
the related video about SOUL And so did their song,
which was being played on the set. The second domino of SOUL’s success, was Teo & Eunbin’s duet song. Haena’s song written by Sooyong, and the movie song by Yunwoo and Chungha, became popular, one by one. Finally, an animation based on SOUL
was created in China. This all happened within three weeks,
after I saw their future. They might have been a set of batteries,
connected in parallel, not in series. When a missing line was connected,
these four guys became the brightest stars, with the most energy. Yes, that was the last stage,
brought to us by SOUL Yes, can we have all the guests
for today’s “Music Start” out here? – Eunbin?
– Yes. Who do you think
will take the first place today? I am kind of guessing
that SOUL might have the honor. Could you please announce the winner? “Music Start.” The winner
for the last week of October is… TOP MANAGEMENT EPISODE 16
STARTING FROM TODAY The name of the chicken, it was the weirdest thing,
but that turned out fine. How can this be? I’ll say. Everyone was saying that “Phoenix”
is a strange name for a chicken brand, but I made sure we take it. Oh, and Haena released the song
You Are In My Sight early, and that helped, too. Yunwoo and Chungha’s song
was pre-released yesterday, and it’s trending. It’s amazing how things work out. How does a Western documentary
make it in Thailand? That’s what gets me the most. What gets me is Teo. Who knew he would be loved
by South Americans? Teo has big eyes and he’s cute. Yeah, he’s got that Carrusel look. What?
Teo’s definitely not an angel. No, it’s a Mexican soap opera.
Used to be popular in Korea. You don’t know Miss Ximena? – Who is…
– Don’t know. Anyway, Eunsung went through a lot. She was obsessed with Irib’s attendance,
and they wrote an article about it, too. You’re right. Isn’t this Eunsung’s desk?
to deal with Irib’s trouble. But was it a good choice? So, you can see the future,
just like me. Yes, I got it from my grandma. She used to have this power, too. She paid her own price. Is your family clan Seongsoo of Yoo? How did you know that? I’ve heard somewhere
that the clan has maternal inheritance. Then, are you… Wait, but my surname comes from my dad. Well, strictly speaking, there aren’t many people
with the power in Korea. Look at him slipping away. You said we lose something valuable
when we see the future. These must be different
for each person, right? Yes, money, family, fame… Cat, puppies, favorite character… What about memories? It’s still debated. Whether it’s due to the usage of power,
or the natural aging process. What if… there’s a way for you
to not see the future anymore? Will you hold on to it? Why?
You don’t like this power? No. You can’t even change the future. It feels bad to see it. Are we the only ones seeing it? What? When will the bus arrive? Is it going to be late?
Everyone knows this stuff. You can say that the navigation system
is also foresight. That’s forecast.
Aren’t they different? Are they? How old do I have to be
to pay back the mortgage loan? Who is going to be elected
with how many votes? We know the results… Is he running the election,
knowing already that he will lose? You stayed with those boys,
knowing they will not do well. What? You’re wrong.
They are doing okay. Why?
Is something going to happen? It’s like a dream that is easily changed. This foreseeing power. If you have a bad day,
you have nightmares. If your present is frustrating,
your brain also reacts the same way. Then, if I am happy with the present… You’ll have a good dream today. And with the good dream, the future is changed? There you have it. Think about it. How you can make the present happy. Then… This conversation is getting longer… Would you like… The monthly membership? 10% off if you pay cash. When I look at you, I can see that you are losing the present. Sorry? You are delaying your present,
by looking into others’ futures. He’s so nice.
I like their song. He’s a student.
Stop drooling. What are you talking about? They’re more than just “others” to me, now. JANG IRIB
THANK YOU FOR COMING INTO THIS WORLD It’s my fault, too. If I had answered Irib’s phone call,
this wouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry. What’s done is done. Let’s focus on dealing with it. Did you check the SNS routes? Yes.
Fortunately, it’s not posted anywhere. I think it was only sent
around a few classmates. Well, if that’s true, it’s a relief. Ms. Kang… How about we cancel your visit
to Hansol Art School tomorrow? Instead, I’ll go to the school,
and figure out more about this. When I look at you, Eunsung, you look like you are working
for every position in this company. You are really passionate. Oh, not at all. Was I too rude? Don’t bother canceling. Since I’m going anyway,
I’m catching two birds with one stone. Nice to meet you. Isn’t she here
because of the photo? Hey, what if we get arrested? Shut up. I’m guessing you must be wondering. “How can I make a successful deal
with an agency?” “Could I become a successful idol?” Am I right? Yes. If I were to guess who the future idol is
in this classroom… I wouldn’t know. I’d be a seer if I knew that. Sure, agencies prefer certain types,
but that’s nothing but a probability. An important thing to know
is that making your debut is not the end. If so, would having a number one song
be the end? That’s the most dangerous moment. One mistake, one misunderstanding. That’s all it takes for people to hate you
and move on to other groups. – Why would that be?
– Ma’am! – Because they get popular.
– You’re right. More popularity would mean
more envy and jealousy, right? But envy and jealousy, are actually habitual. Those who are jealous of others’ talents
from a young age, are no different when they grow up. If a person is always jealous of others, that person’s actions
would depend on others. As an idol, one must believe in oneself,
and think that he or she is the best. To do so, don’t you think we should stay true
to ourselves? How to become a successful idol? My answer would be… To become a person
who is not ashamed of oneself. – Okay?
– Yes, ma’am. If you miss out on school,
I’ll get to you… Ms. Kang! I have a question. What is it? What are you going to do
with the boys who uploaded the pic? Are you going to inform the principal? I think you should be the one to decide. Me? Aren’t you and Irib the ones
most affected by that pic? No, Seulgi was more stressed. Actually, I got apologies from them,
last night. I made sure they deleted the pic, too. They were scared about the consequences,
but just pretending to be cool. They promised not to do it again,
so I don’t think more needs to be done. What if they don’t change,
and come back at you? They might do that to someone else. Well… If this gets out, they are the ones
who will have trouble at school. You gave them an indirect warning today,
as well. That’s one more card on our side. And the apologies you mentioned? Oh, I captured screenshots
of the message. That’s not enough. Get a written note of apology,
and make a teacher confirm it. Okay. What’s your name? Park Seulgi.
Please remember my name. – I want to become a Starlight…
– Idol? No, a Starlight manager. A manager and not an idol? I heard from Irib. That they have a great manager. Eunsung? You told people about Eunsung,
while I’m the one who visited here? No, you are the best. You, too. Come see me when you graduate school. Yes, thank you. Sorry? Oh… It’s taken care of, just like that? Okay, thank you, Ms. Kang.
Yes. So things get easily sorted out
when I don’t interrupt. I thought the man was a quack,
but what he said was true. Assistant Yoo? The video guys sent the second edit
for the 10th anniversary event, so I forwarded it. Oh, okay. “Assistant Yoo!” – She deserves the promotion.
– Assistant Yoo! Assistant Yoo! SOUL
has 200 million views on You Tube, they’re in the billboard Hot 100, what’s next, America? Nothing’s decided yet, but we’d love to go anywhere our fans are. Did you know it’d work out so well? Yeah. No, I’m just joking. Actually,
I did meet this one old lady, who told me that I’d make it far. And that was before I moved to Mongolia. Is this
those Korean fortune-tellers I hear about? No, it’s nothing like that. But it does feel kinda odd, that her predictions have come true,
so far. Yeah, it’s kinda weird. You must be so happy, right now. Do you still have any wishes left? Actually, I do have two wishes. First is… I’d love to sleep
more than two hours a day. How much sleep do you get each day? Is this off the record? Totally off the record. I think… I think I slept around 56 minutes
a couple days ago. My second wish is for… July 21st, 2021, to come around soon. This sounds vaguely contract-related. We can just skip ahead. Finally, the question that all fans
must be dying to know. Do you have someone you love? Yeah. SOULMates, my fans, of course. – Boo!
– Oh! The Mongolian boy did great. Hi, Eunbin. – Here you go.
– Thank you. I must be the only artist
who brings a manager her underwear. Sorry, it’s your first day off
in a long time. Yeah, about two years.
And look at what I’m doing. Hang out with your friends. What friends? I started this when I was 14,
I barely went to school. I have a few from elementary school,
but they either moved or are dating. Do you regret becoming an idol? Only if you hadn’t told me
about the boiled egg. It’s your fault. Boiled egg? It’s what you told me. I was going home depressed,
because I dropped out from Promise 100. You told me that I’m the center,
just like a boiled egg in a naengmyun. That I should never give up
and go with Hyunjo. I did? You don’t remember something
that important? No. Eunsung, did you check? Sorry? You were supposed to talk to Mr. Choi
of KBS about SOUL’s show casting. I did? Yes, hurry up.
He contacted me instead. You forget things these days. You are still so young.
What’s the matter with you? Hyunjo. As you might know… I forget things too often. I don’t remember the things
I talked about with people. Also, I forgot about
a few important schedules. And, I think I know why. Why? This is SOUL’s calendar. They have from 20 to 36 schedules
per week. Yes, you must be tired. It’s less than six months
since you started, and the workload is unbelievable. I’m waiting for another team leader
to come and share the burden. If this schedule is doing this
to a manager, what’s it going to do to SOUL,
who are actually doing the work? Sooyong’s wish is to sleep
two hours a day. For Yunwoo, who’s doing a movie,
it’s deadly. All four members are working their… So? Ms. Kang… I’d like to hear more. As far as I know,
we all have one body… They need to be in two places at once.
What’s going on here? Oh, yes, that’s… Hi. Shin talked very greatly of you. A serious, yet funny, while pure and charming at the same time.
A character never seen before. I did my best
to sell your character to her. “No one is better than Sooyong
for this proposal.” “It’s a no-go without Sooyong.
He’s the one!” Thank you. Oh, I’m sorry
for talking with you like this. Sorry, he was too busy to come. Oh, congratulations, Ms. Shin!
I heard you are the main writer now. It’d be wonderful if you
could congratulate me at our first shoot. Did you review the proposal?
How was it? It was fun. Well, I’m still not used
to these entertainment shows, but a concept like this… Like I told you.
This is a perfect match. But his schedule is… Look how our souls are connected through
a video call right now. With SOUL, nothing’s impossible! They have a world tour in September, so… I’ll call you back… Schedules can be arranged.
You’re not gone for the whole month, no? We can use October, as well. Yes, no pressure. Think about it.
We still have time. They need some time to live their lives
as themselves, not idols. From late teens to mid 20s. That’s when a person’s life can
shine the brightest. Please let them enjoy a slice. It’d be great if you could guarantee them
at least four-five hours of sleep. Manager Yoo, no… You’ve grown, assistant. Sorry? You want me to give these idols
four-five hours? No. I think at least six-seven hours is enough, to eat, to sleep, and spend some time outside
the paparazzi radar. Ms. Kang… We pushed them too hard. I’ll do what I can with the schedules. Yes, ma’am. Whether there’s a lot or a little,
schedules cause pain. Thank you, ma’am. She’s so cool. This is where you do your recording? Hello. The official studio is elsewhere, and this is where I get lessons. With this kind of support, you would easily get inspired. Your girlfriend? What? She’s not my… What are you saying? Yes, Hur. Irib?
Wait a sec. This is Irib. When are you coming out?
We have to get to Ulsan in time. Can I stay for 10…
No, five minutes? Five minutes. No more than that. Thanks. Yeah. I’m heading out for a while. What? Hey! Go. You’re gonna be late. No, it’s okay. It didn’t seem okay.
I heard your manager’s voice. You should get some sleep on the way.
Your face tells me you need more sleep. There’s a song I worked on.
Do you want to hear it? What’s gotten into you? I like it. What? I like this part. Oh, okay. I guess you’ll be rapping like this,
but in Russian. Russian? Yeah, aren’t you guys going to Russia? Isn’t it too early for this? We need to move early
for the business to take off. Just in time with the anniversary.
It’ll draw attention. The members are overloaded with work. You gotta cook
when the orders are flowing in. Those cooks are tired right now. Giving them the chance to make food
is our job, you know. Idol career doesn’t last forever. The “generosity tactic?”
It’s not bad. But what they need…
No, what they want, is the opportunity, not rest. You changed your mind
as soon as you came back. No, I planned this
when I sent Sooyong to Korea. K-pop wave is coming to Russia… Finish your food first. This is good. Korean noodles are the best. STARLIGHT 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Starlight, Starlight… Celebrating Starlight’s 10th anniversary, a new vision, no… Representative Director Kang Jaeyoung
will introduce us to her new vision. Icarus is the face of Starlight.
They should be in the middle. Do you know how much
of the total profit they contribute? Didn’t you get Ms. Kang’s e-mail? It said all staff should become happy,
even if it means smaller profits. Yes, she spoke of reasonable timetables,
and not to encourage needless competition. You’re supposed to say nice things
in these letters. She’s the one who made the staff
work like hell. I felt like the letter was sincere. Sincere? I am the one who made
the legendary 10 years possible. Who is she to change the corporate vision? Oh, the futility… She knows the business is going downhill, that’s why we borrowed this humble…
It’s embarrassing. Yeah, even social meetings
are held in better places, nowadays. True. Ms. Kang used to be a stylist,
so she spends like one. Hur, where are you? I’m parking the car.
Teo and Sooyong went up. Did you see them? No, I came out to the lobby now. Please hold. Oh, hello.
I received the synopsis. But Yunwoo is out of town.
He’s off to a film shoot. So he can’t check the script right now. It’s expected to end next month… Okay. What is it? This is Hyunjo’s jacket. Mr. Kim, I thought this through. It’s hard to settle in.
I’d like to do this. I know it can be difficult, but please find a flight
to Mongolia for me. What’s… Eunsung. We finally meet. Come here. Eunsung? Eunsung. Are you going back to Mongolia? What? Oh, that’s… You should report something that big.
Why are you telling me now? Oh, it’s not yet arranged… You’re arranging it without me? You have too many things
to handle right now, so you’re not taking part in this… I’m not? So I’m not allowed
to get involved in your matters? No, it’s just that this is nothing big… It’s not big?
Leaving the group? And you’re just gonna stop seeing me? I don’t understand what you’re saying… – Eunsung.
– You settled in perfectly. What else do you need to get settled in? Is it me?
Because I didn’t say “yes?” To be honest,
I’m not exactly happy about it, either! Let’s just…
Come here. It’s the show. “It’s Hard to Settle In.”
That’s why I’m going to Mongolia. I know it’s hard. But still, you’re being too quick.
You shouldn’t leave like this. Why did you say you like me, then? Are you thinking… that I’m going to Mongolia for real? What are you talking about? So you are not going? “It’s Hard to Settle In.” That’s the title for Ms. Shin’s new show. New show? Yes. It shows idols from other countries
going back home, and staying for six days. For six days? Did you think that I was going for good? Is that why you’re so upset? You were worried that
I might cause harm to the members, right? No other reason? Stop it! – I can’t hear you.
– I’m coming back in six days. – It’s less than a week!
– Just come with me! People would think we’re dating
if we’re here by ourselves. I just have something to say. People are gonna suspect us. Shut up and come with me. My mind’s not straight.
I slept for two hours, two days in a row. Same here. I had to hop between
Bangkok and Singapore this week, so I only slept on planes. Are you feeling okay? What if I’m not?
Are you gonna do something about it? That’s why I think, we should stop now. Stop what? We don’t even have time to sleep.
Meeting like this is too much. So you’re saying… You’re right. We’re all busy now. Some fans already figured it out. Yeah, our fans are pretty sharp. No, our fans. Don’t act weird and just say hello
when we meet in TV studios. Of course. And just so you know,
don’t date an Apple Mint member again. Dating Hailey already screwed things up.
Don’t make it worse. Why did you have to say… Alright. I’m leaving. Count to 100,
and be careful when you come out. One, two… Three, four… Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11… Thirteen… Teo’s crying! I think he’s going to count to 100. Hundred! Oh, my God. So those two were a thing? Didn’t you know? You are kind of slower than I expected. Are you going to tell Mr. Kim? I saw them break up.
Why would I? Yeah. When are they going to date
if not in their prime? Oh, I wasn’t referring to anything else. Where do you think they’ll be
10 years from now? I don’t know. They’ll figure it out. I don’t know why,
but they don’t worry me. Teo is always easygoing, and Eunbin’s smart. What about us in three years? What? The “no dating clause” lasts
for three years. What, wait…
Eunsung? Count to 200. One, two… Three… – Where’s Sunny Jo? Call her.
– Yes. It’s almost time, let’s hurry! And now, Director Kang Jaeyoung
of Starlight will be making a ceremonial speech. This is the 10th anniversary of Starlight. I was able to overcome every obstacle
and finally stand on this place, all thanks to you artists and staff. I heard there is a big announcement.
It must be about my Japanese show, right? It must be about us going overseas. I can’t believe Yunwoo is absent for this. The filming schedule is incredibly tight. Yunwoo was disappointed, too. Irib’s not here, too. Today, it’s only half the SOUL Irib’s so eager about going to school,
it’s almost strange. I know. He should be careful about dating. I found myself saying, “an idol must believe in oneself,
and think…” Eunbin. …without hesitation. I even said
we should stay true to ourselves. That’s when I felt
that I needed a change. Let’s take the photo first. There will be a big announcement,
so please stick around. An announcement? It’s photo time. – Let’s have the artists at the front.
– Gather around! – Oh, Sunny Jo!
– Yeah, I’m here. Staff at the back. If you could position yourselves
according to height. – Ms. Kang!
– Come to the middle. – Staff, let’s get moving.
– Quickly! – Please move the table.
– Okay. Please fill in the middle. Wait! I want SOUL in the center. Ms. Na!
I’m LJ of Icarus. – I know.
– Move over. She wants us in the center. What about Apple Mint?
I’m the national center. No, everybody stop.
Sooyong! You stand in the center. Yeah, that looks better. The center is mine! Right? How have you been? Mr. Baek! I made this flower bed.
I should be in the center. It’s President Baek. Don’t you agree, Ms. Kang? You’ve done well.
Until the end. “Until the end?” I was going to make the announcement
after the photo… But I guess I’ll do it now. This is where I part ways with Starlight. I’ll be saying goodbye to people who worked with me. Okay. Thank you all for everything. They’re doing a hidden camera
for the ceremony, too? Although it’s goodbye,
we should take a photo. Kang played a major role
in raising this company. Can you move?
Yes, over there. Yes, a photo will be nice. Ms. Kang… Thank you, Eunsung. – Let’s look nice for the photo.
– Here we go. Eunbin, come closer. One, two, three! One more time, two… What’s happening? – Two, three!
– Come on! What’s up with all the long faces? Again! If Ms. Kang is leaving,
then Starlight is… Boom! We’re not available
at the moment. I’m sorry. Team leader! Have you seen this article? HOT IDOL GROUP SOUL
ANNOUNCES UNEXPECTED BREAKUP? I’m a leader? Wait, why is SOUL.. What in the world is happening? It’s like a dream, that is easily changed.
This foreseeing power. If you have a bad day,
you have nightmares. If your present is frustrating,
your brain also reacts the same way. Then, if I am happy with the present… You’ll have a good dream today. And with the good dream,
the future is changed? There you have it.
Think about it. How you can make the present happy. Okay, let’s do a “let’s go!” One, two, three, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s swap places. Excuse me. When the photo comes out,
please send me one. I’d like to keep this memory. Goodbye. – Ms. Kang!
– Ms. Kang! Thank you, Ms. Kang. – See you!
– Ms. Kang. So this is how she leaves. Have a safe trip home. Why isn’t she going? Thank you. I think the farewell’s getting too long. Please go. She’s walking too slowly… Do you want someone to follow you? Why would anyone follow her? Wait! – Eunsung!
– Eunsung? What’s wrong with her? – Ms. Kang.
– What’s she doing? – Where are you going?
– Hey, Eunsung! I want to come with you. Eunsung… What’s this? Okay, let’s go together. She wants attention. Where are you going! So amazing, wow. Eunsung! Where’s he going? It is a hidden camera! Who would that be?
Our new rookie? Eunsung. I’m sorry.
I can’t explain it, but… I think this is for the best. So, from now on… you are not our manager? Well… Am I watching Jerry Maguire? Tom Cruise? Are you not going to regret this? No. I’m going to take a leap of faith. But where are we going? Shall we enter? Yes. Did I let you down? No, it’s always good to start small. A good place to start small, right? I’m putting a big clock in the middle. A clock? What do you think about idols working
9 to 5 as regular employees? Is that possible for idols? It’s a dream, so why not dream big? Idols who get old with their fans.
Idols who are in a labor union. Don’t you have a dream? – Director Yoo.
– You’re here. This way. Ms. Yoo, Director Yong
would like to talk to you urgently. Yes, Director Yong. Hey, you.
So you’re not giving up your artists? You left accused of sexual harassment,
and you’re returning with a new show. I don’t want our artists in said show. You really wanna do this,
and go down the ugly road? – Okay, sir. But please take care.
– Hey! Hey! Do not let our artists go on any KBC shows
starting tomorrow. Please make sure of that. – Yes, ma’am.
– Okay. It’s SOUL! I love you! Dongyoon! Ms. Yoo, hello. Congratulations on your award.
Welcome back to Korea. Thanks. Must be a very popular idol. I’m not familiar with idols. Well, I’m not sure either. – Shall we go?
– Yes. How did you come? The future changed. But why don’t I know SOUL? THE NEXT DAY Let’s vote. Those staying, up.
Those leaving, down. Okay. One, two, three! Oh, my God! 2007
DOLGOJI, SEOUL Stick your arm in. Pull this hand inside. And put the other one in the back. The hand goes here. One, two, three… Hello, ma’am! You played singer again? No, we didn’t. Right, Sooyong? We were playing singer just then. Hey, don’t… Who is he? Someone I know. Did you take the pills? Pills? You need five walnuts, and 30 peanuts a day
to stop forgetting stuff. Okay, I’ll take them. Boy. What’s your name? Sooyong.
It’s Hyun Sooyong. Sooyong? When you’re far away from the others, when you’re lonely,
you should stay strong. You’ll make it big. Okay. Grandma’s talking crazy again. You’ll meet Eunsung later,