Hi, I’m Bobby [Krispy] this guitar lesson is video number one on how to play enter Sandman by Metallica So I’ll play the riffs and then I’ll show how they’re played note for note using the tabs, and I’ll include the solo as well Okay, I’ve broken the song down Into ten riffs in this video. I’ll show [how] to play riffs [one] through six So riff number one is [row] is the opening riff [like] this Let’s play the top string open fifth string seventh fret fourth string fifth fret top string sixth fret the threat fifth string some fret so once again slowly this You play that 12 times? Okay, riff number [2] is this Okay, [let’s] played the bottom string three top string open way. That’s seven times slide up to the fifth string seven threat So it’s once again slowly You do that four times, okay, riff number. Three is this? Okay, that’s top string open play it twice fifth string seventh fret Top string 6 fret top string open three times the power Chord f top two [strings] through top string first fret fifth string third fret slide it down to open E power cord Then repeat it You play that one four times? Riff number four it is similar to press number three eighths play like this So same as before top string open twice fifth string seventh fret top string six rep That was different is you go to the top string fifth fret? top string open The same Pattern as riff number three power chords the f to e So once again slowly Okay, riff number five is this So that’s an open [e] power chord top string open fifth string second fret play it twice fifth string so threat Top string 6 fret fifth fret and play that three times Okay, riff number six is this right after riff number five so it’s So that’s power chord G top string third fret top string open once again G power chord top string open F-Sharp Power [chord] the second fret top string G power Chord Back to the f shep power chord, so once again slowly Don’t forget to mute it with your Pal there, so I Forget to mention that ref number four is played eight times Okay, now you may want to move on to video number two for riffs? Six three dress number seven to ten and the song structure, I’ll explain it. So just click on the link here