MC: our artist.. MC: ah why? its English MC: oh it’s English? MC: it’s English! MC: three letters! B T S! BTS!!! MC: Ohh! Our artist of the year, BTS MC: Yes, their title song, ‘Boy with Luv’ has scored no.8 on Billboard Hot 100 MC: Congratulations! MC: Yes, Worldwide idols, BTS! Lets hear their thoughts JIN: AARMYYYYYYYYYYYY JIN: because of ARMYs, we’ve become Artist of the Year! JIN: In order to recieve more love from ARMY, we will become a more hardworking BTS! JIN: ARMYs, I love you!!! MC: Our Jungkook-ssi, let’s hear from Jungkook as well! JK: Firstly, I am so honoured to receive Artist of the Year JK: We are able to perform on this stage happily is all because of ARMY JK: We will work harder to show you a better side of us. JK: Thank you! I love you!