Hi, this is Tom. This is for expertvillage.com.
We’re talking about shortcuts for playing the electric guitar for rock and roll. We’ve
covered the four main bar chords for all rock and roll songs, which is just that E bar,
the A, A minor, to the E minor bar. And with those, you can pretty well play any rock and
roll song there is just by changing the key, by playing those four chords in a position
up and down the neck. We talked about some leads you can play using the pentatonic scale.
We’ve talked about that second pattern.
Hammering on, pulling off, bending notes. Use those all, practice, and that should get
you really well on your way to play rock and roll. I want to talk quickly about shopping
for guitars. When you’re looking for a guitar, it’s not bad if you’ve got a friend that plays
guitar. Take him along with you. They’ll help you with that. When I’m looking at a guitar,
a couple of things. You don’t necessarily have to have a name brand, but most guitarists
change the guitar, so if you stick with a name brand it makes it a little bit easier
to resell, rather than a no-name brand. In fact I would even suggest getting a used guitar
that’s a name brand rather than getting something pretty, bright, and shiny that’s not a name