I Am Bobby crispy this song is about had to play the easiest song ever the history of rock This is what I suggest for first time guitar players to play It’s a horse with no name by America. I’m sure you probably know it two chords Four beats to each chord, so it’s like this Okay, so it’s e minor and D 6 at 9 f sharp don’t worry post complicated, but it’s only two further notes Okay so This is yeah. This is great for beginners. So he started off a minor chord There note e minor chord is fifth string the second fret fourth string second fret Then play all the notes on all six strings Like that for four beats And then the next chord is top string 2nd fret 3rd string 2nd fret like that and play all 6 strings For 4 beats Okay, I’ll play it simple with a simple rhythm four beats he minor In the next chord Get one more time You mind her And the d6 cord Right through the whole song Okay now the rhythm If you’re just starting out, you just want to play the four beats to display We want to play the actual rhythm of the song it’s like this So I’ll slow that down More time Like that That’s it break through the hole son Okay. I hope this lesson has been helpful for you. And if you’re just starting out Thank You Tara, that’s great. Good luck and thanks for watching