I’m Bobby Kristy this is part of my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play one of the easiest guitar solos you can learn to soul from a song called Soldier boy by the Shirley’s Shirley’s were an all-girl vocal group from the early 1960s So the song might be a little out of date It might not be that everybody’s liking but it’s still a good solo for beginner guitar player to learn So I’ll play it first Then I’ll show how to play note for note using tabs Okay, here it goes [tell] me so chance Okay So just follow [along] with the tad’s above Okay, the first part top string first fret slide up to the six eighth fret fifth string the threat Top string 6 fret hurt again Okay, then, it’s top string 6 fret 8 six eight fifth string fifth fret Top string 6 fret That pretty good expert Top string 6 fret 8 fifth string fifth fret top string six thread Stop hurt again Okay, next part fifth string fifth fret eight fourth string fifth fret seventh fifth string a threat so that part is Fourth I’ll get an expert fourth string fourth fret seventh eight fifth string date so once again Okay, next part is fourth string fifth fret fifth string eight fifth fret top string 8th fret fifth string fifth fret top string six, right and you play it twice, so it’s Twice The last part is fifth string fifth fret top string eighth threat 6/8 six that hurt again is and That’s the soil Okay, [that’s] a lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching