Hi everyone its Caleb Coles here, I’m an
Australian singer-songwriter. Today we’re going to be reacting to
Dimash singing ‘The Meaning of Eternity’. also I know Dimash is doing a whole
bunch of concerts really soon, he’s performing all over the place. So I’d
really like to react to some of his new performances, so in the comments if you
have links to fan cam videos and all that kind of stuff please let me know
because I do want to react to these concerts that are coming up. Anyway let’s
get into this, if you end up enjoying this video make
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the description. How beautiful was that. I love the
kind of choir backing vocals. Almost sounds like there were children that
were singing, I’m not 100% sure but that was really cool. And I love the clarity
in his voice. When you’re going into the ranges that damash is going into it’s
very easy to get into what I call like a froggy tone. So (sings) and get caught back here.
But he has a very forward sound, breath is cleanly coming through and he goes quite
high there but it’s crystal clear. I don’t know the exact notes but the way
you can enunciate and pronounce his words so clearly and leave you hanging
off every note is perfect, a lot of people can hit these notes that’s no
secret. But not a lot of people can bring the subtlety that damash does let’s keep
watching. That was beautiful, at the end I’m gonna
go back because it’s only 2 minutes I want to show you something about that
phrase that was very interesting but let’s keep watching for now. Yeah beautiful. I’m not a hundred percent
sure of the meaning of this song but at the end it seemed to be saying, you know,
his warmth returns I suppose to the earth and that’s the
meaning of eternity. So I suppose potentially the song is about the fact
that we’re all connected and that who we are returns back to the earth and
that we become one with everything again, which is a really interesting idea
and so maybe that’s what the song is about. But it’s about embracing I suppose
that sense of connection but also the sense of the temporary form of life but
the eternal parts of life is that there is life after death, I suppose
in some sense. I mean I believe in life after death I’m a Christian but I
don’t think this is coming from that perspective but but yeah really
thought-provoking song. I love thinking on all these things. And so I love I love
this kind of thing. There’s a really cool thing Dimash did as well with his voice
a little bit earlier. Yeah here it is let’s listen. Listen to his vibrato here. Very slow and then very quick just for a
second listen again. One more time. That’s a really cool
little device is actually; varying the speed of your vibrato I think he does
it later in the song as well somewhere. Yeah I probably won’t be able to find it
now but anyway some really cool techniques Dimash used in this song. You
know in two and a half minutes I could probably spend hours just
unpacking every little thing he did but brilliant song, brilliant use of clarity
in his voice and texture to draw you into this kind of meaning of eternity
thing. In the comments let me know what you think the song is about and anything
I’ve kind of overlooked with it. Obviously this is a first time reaction so
there were a whole bunch that I would have missed. And as well please let me
know in the comments about upcoming performance clips you have of Dimash
from his performances I know he’s playing in America pretty soon in the
USA I think there’s something a week or two away. And I think he’s over, I don’t
know if he’s in Russia at the moment but I know he’s doing some concerts right
now as well so please let me know that in the comments. And make sure to
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