[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey. This is Seren. Seren, Marissa. It’s so nice to meet you. You too. So y’all go to school with Day. Who’s Day? [BOOMING] Day. Right here. [CREAKING CRASH] You mean DJ. Yeah. [EXPLOSION] [CRASH] I mean, Dave. Sounds nice. [MUSIC PLAYING] Why is your tie pink? To match my dress. I love a pink tie. And, Marissa, I love your hair. Day didn’t tell me his
friends were so cool. Where’s the bathroom? You know, I just about to go.
I’ll show you. Perfect. Are you wearing cucumber Dove? [BALLOONS EXPLODING] [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m applying to
New World for dance. Mrs. Everett.
I know. She runs that program. I know her. I think she’ll love you. Oh. You haven’t even
you seen me move. TEACHER: Well, I’m
sure I’ll be impressed. Dave is going
to go to Hershton. I know that’s what he’d like. I have no idea why. Who wants to go to a sleepaway
school with all those boys? [CHUCKLING] Have you and
David known each other long? Mm-hmm. We both live in the Ville. He used to run around
with this group of boys. And one of them was
always coming up and lifting up girls’ shirts. Dave was falling
right behind them– Let’s dance. Oh. OK. Bye, WT. Bye. Why didn’t you let
me finish the story about how we first met? You shoved that kid who was
about to grab me, remember? My Superman. Oh. I forgot. Come on, Dave. You’re the one that
wanted to dance. [HIPHOP MUSIC] [FADES OUT TO HEARTBEAT] Hey. What? Did you see that there’s
a chocolate fountain? Pussy. Don’t worry about them. They’re just mad
because you’re special. And they aren’t. Ma is not going to believe
that there was a real chocolate fountain, with marshmallows and
strawberries like in movies. I can’t wait to tell Shella. She’s going to be hateful. Why would you tell Shella? Why would I not? It’s just, with
Shella, once she knows something, the whole
Ville gonna know about it. And they can’t know because? I mean, it’s not
like they can’t know. I just feel like can’t
some things be private? Oh, my God. You’re ashamed of me. That’s why you’ve been
acting weird all night. No, no, it’s just– You just, you just what? Now that I’m here,
I embarrass you in front of your little
magnet school friends? No, it’s Shinobi and them. Oh, you don’t
want them to know. Because your hardass
dope dealer rep? – Tare, please.
– Nuh-uh. [CLATTERING] I’m too good for this.