We’re going to do
each of the solos. I hope it goes uninterrupted. We need every minute of this
rehearsal that we can get. Brady, you gonna
go out there and be seventh so that GiaNina and her
mother can say, see, told you. You should have picked her. You should have picked her. You should have picked her. It’s just she earned it. That’s it. Gia beat Brady. She won a first overall. It doesn’t matter. You’re now wasting other
people’s time, including mine. So shush. Shush, shush. Lilly, you are
doing “Inside Out.” I watched you mess up group
after group after group. And then you did a perfect score
solo and blew everybody away. And I think since that moment,
you step out on that stage like you’re already a winner. And that’s what I like from
the Abby Lee Dance Company. So as far as I’m concerned, I
don’t need to worry about you. And if your mother finds
that offensive, too bad. You’ve proved yourself. No, what I find offensive
is that you literally are rooting for one kid– That’s not true. –when there’s three– – That is not true.
– I heard you. I heard you.
– That is not true. Do I want him to win? Absolutely. But I want him to
win for himself. Because he is a winner. What about for them– other
two solos for themselves? Why are you more
worried about him than everybody else’s feelings? When he came here on this
team, he came here as a winner. So did they. So did she. You know what? You trained her– Right. –since she was seven. And you’re rooting for him. No. Yes, you are!
I heard you! This in your
little, pathetic mind. No, it’s not. Because you said several things
in the last couple of weeks. I know. I’m not stupid. I heard my kid’s teacher
say, I want this kid to win. He hasn’t won. I do want him to win. Why– why is that, like,
wrong for me to say that? She wants someone else to win. You hear her? She wants him to win. How do you feel now? You want [inaudible]
us to win because you want everyone to win. I do want everyone to win. Why do you think
you’re doing a solo? Your mother is psyching you out. She’s trying to make it so
that if he does beat you, it’s OK, because we
wanted him to win. And that’s sick. You just said,
I want him to win. You just said it
in front of her. She heard you. I just feel like
they’re trying to run me out again, like
the first half of the season. You gotta be kidding me. Well, you sit here and say it. He’s listening to you. I’m talking about
Abby Lee Miller. How am I running anybody out? Your teacher should be
fair to all the kids. Well, no one’s
going to be dancing at Nationals because
they’re all going to have a one minute solo. Oh, my god. Ashley. Yes. Do you want Pressley
to dance tomorrow? Yes, I do. Lilly, do you want
to dance tomorrow? Yes. Let’s finish these
two solos first. Everybody out. Abby, what about Brady? You’re not going
to finish his solo? I will. Cheers. Wanting someone to win and
wanting people not to win are two completely
different things. I get it. I would never, ever say
that to a child, ever. I don’t think that
you meant it that way. I’ve had many kids
compete against each other. I never wanted Chloe to win,
and she won all the time. She wanted everyone to win. Yeah, but she– She’s just saying
that she doesn’t want the dance to look bad. She’s rooting for everyone. But she’s rooting
the most for Brady. Always. Every time I’ve gone up
against him, every time. Listen, it’s bad
enough having all these moms try to come for
me and wanting to run me out. But it’s even worse when
my friends agree with them. I’m not trying to run you out. Abby literally just said,
like, she roots for everyone. But I– We all do. But the reality is
Abby always wants you to win with the type of solo
you get and what kind of solo you want. ABBY: So Lilly,
you’ve proven yourself over and over and over again. You’ve got to keep doing it. We’re holding you up
here to a perfect score. That’s what we
want at Nationals. So let’s start. One– She can’t have three
soloists and say, no matter who’s who, it doesn’t matter. You don’t say I hope
you win of the three. What in the world? Abby expects us to put all
of our eggs in her basket, but she’s not
putting any in ours. Because she wants full
investment from me and my kid. But she doesn’t
want to return it. She’s going to
outright say that she’s rooting for one kid on
a team of six or seven and not all of them. So you don’t think
the weekend of the– the week of the straitjacket,
Abby was rooting for Lilly. No. No, she thinks it
was Elliana that week. I don’t. I think it was
Lilly, personally. No, she brought
Elliana to raise the bar and show our kids what’s up. And then Elliana lost anyway. MOM: Right. She was not set up to win. She took away half
of her facility and gave the other
kid all of it. And then another time she did
a solo, it was against Brady. So we know she wasn’t
rooting for her there. Do you know how many times
a day you say Brady’s name? Just don’t say his name. OK, then stop talking to me. Talk about Abby Lee Miller. Don’t talk about my kid. Because I’m over it. Stacy has figured
out a way, and she ran with what Abby
said the other day, and made this all
about Lilly again. Because Lilly is the one
in there doing her solo. MOM: She’s still in rehearsal.
I know. Every day, it’s ridiculous.
– Everything is about Lilly. The solo that actually is the
it solo is actually Lilly’s because she does have
something special. Brady has a regular costume,
music we’ve heard 1,000 times. She actually has
something special. There’s not a story. [interposing voices] She’s actually in front of
everyone, going to make it look like there’s this big story,
and that the two sides, and she’s got to be
sweet on one side, and scientific and
fierce on the other. And that’s not the dance at all. It’s just a da– It’s a dance. Are you kidding me? She has well planned this
and thought this out. She told you what the story is. It’s not the same. And you guys know it. And you’re just
trying to twist it. No, you’re trying to twist it. You’re trying to twist it. [interposing voices] You’re trying to
twist it because she has the special solo,
the special make-up, the special whatever. You’re all being
manipulated because– But here’s the thing. –that’s the solo that’s
the it solo right now. That’s so not true. I can’t even really
respond to it. All this talk, it’s
either Brady or Lilly, Brady or Lilly, Brady or Lilly. If I didn’t know any
better, I wouldn’t even know there was a third solo. Just sick and tired of you two
both playing the victim when, really, the two of them
that have really been the favorites all season long. No. Yeah. Lilly has done well despite– Stacy, please. –everything. Please, please. You’re not going to tell me–
MOM: Despite. MOM: –that she has
been treated the same as the rest of our kids. Give me a break. You’re just pissed now
that you’re sitting at the same level as us. MOM: Piss off. Oh, my goodness. These moms are crazy. I don’t know why
you’re so shocked. I’ll tell you
why if you shut up. I’ll tell you why. Like, they are [roars] tigers. You know? Like, they– when
one starts to talk, the other one starts
to talk, and then the other one starts talking. Brady is sitting there right
to– listening to all of this. You don’t think that this is
for real in his head right now? She’s saying I
want him to win. If someone thinks that
that’s a right thing for a teacher to say,
argue with me all day long. I don’t care. You’re a professional victim. MOM: They don’t need
to worry about it. Like, they have a lot
of things they need to focus on, like the dancing. Come on, now. Thank god we’re
going to the prom because you are all so
high school right now.