HOST: All right. Well, Sarah, Studio 19
put Abby over the edge, and she kicked your mom out
of the studio several times. Let’s take a look at that. If she’s gonna trash
me, I am not trash. Let’s go, Sarah. This is my dream. MOM: I know it’s your dream. I want you to be here. ABBY: You are not going
to dance if your mother doesn’t follow my rules. Yeah, so please go upstairs. [music playing] I’m so happy that you
knew what you wanted to do and that you weren’t
gonna let anyone stop you. And like, I wasn’t choosing,
like, Abby over my mom, because like, I would always
pick my mom over someone. But like, I was picking,
like, me and, like, dancing where I want to dance. So. Yeah. Did you think that maybe
your time at the ALDC would have been
over had you left? I thought if I– if I
would’ve walked out the door, I definitely would’ve been done. But I’m glad that I told my mom
to go upstairs, because if not, I wouldn’t still be here. Well, you know, this just
proves that you guys are doing it for the right reasons. You are passionate
about this dream. You’re putting in the hard work. [applause] All right, guys, well it’s
been quite a journey for you all, as a new team. But the reality is
Abby did say that it’s possible that not
all of you will be continuing on with the ALDC. So I just want to go around,
check in and find out what this journey
was like for you and what it would be like if
this was the last time you all were together. I’ll start with you, Pressley. You know, I do
really love it here. When I got my team jacket,
that showed that Abby really did believe in me. I really loved it
here, and I would obviously love to come back. What about you, Sarah? I really hope
everyone comes back, because Abby told us we’re
finally dancing as a team. I think we should
take the team we have and make us better
every single season. We finally won at
nationals and, like, I was the lead, along with
Gia, and I feel like that– I really do want to
come back because I feel like I’ve been challenged here. And I just hope that
Abby wants me here, too. How would you
feel if you just– if you weren’t invited back? That makes me really upset
because that would mean, like, this is the last
time that I would be with– this is the last time I
would be with you guys. And I just wouldn’t
want to leave you guys. GiaNina, what has this
journey meant to you? Well, this journey has
been one of the best so far. I’ve done other
things in my life that have not been like this. I’ve always wanted to work with
Abby because she makes stars. Sure. And so I hope that– I just hope– I’m just so
thankful that it went amazing, and I couldn’t be– I couldn’t be happier. Sure. Lilli, what about you? It has been a very hard
season for all of us. We’ve all had our
times where we’ve all been like, you know
what, I’m done with it, I can’t deal with it any longer. But I’m glad that we
all stayed because now we’re all great friends. So I don’t know what I’m
gonna do when I go home. I’m gonna miss everyone so much. So I do really
want to come back. I just really wish all
of us would come back. HOST: Brady? So I have a lot to say. When I left, I didn’t really
miss, like, all the drama and the crazy stuff
and all the chaos, but I did miss my friends
because we kind of became like brothers and sisters. And I don’t know what I’m
gonna do without them. I think I’ve learned so much
more than– in this past 16 weeks than I have
probably in my whole life that I want to
continue learning. And there’s so much
more for me to do here. If this was the last
time dancing together, I would be so happy that
we ended it with a bang. [applause]