I know we talked a little
bit about it last night, and you sent the video
over of, like, your part, filling in for Elliana, but
she’s, like, not here again. But do you want to fight for
the opportunity to dance? Of course I want to dance. She hasn’t even been
here the past two weeks. And GiaNina has
a duet, and she’s messed up two times in a row. So I don’t know why I
wouldn’t have a duet. But I don’t know
what to do today, because I’m also
your advocate and I don’t want you to be used. Well, I think I– what should
happen is I can do the dance, and then show her. And if she thinks it looks
good, she’ll keep me. So I should trust you? Yeah, basically. So you don’t want me barging
in there and saying anything? No. You’re not going to come
downstairs and then get me screamed at and waste her time. And then I’m going
to get yelled at, so you’re not going to do that. You’re going to sit your
little booty upstairs and not be a pain in
her hoo-ha, like you said you were at pyramid. And I mean it. You’re not going to. So I still have no Elliana? MICHELLE: Aw, imagine that– Yeah. Seriously? She left– We all left at the same time. Seriously? We got in our cars
at the same time. I mean, like, does this kid
want to be in the dance or not? Like, I don’t understand
what the deal is. Like, we’re all
doing this for her. This is ridiculous. I know. Sarah wants to dance. Sarah, again, thank
you for doing this. I mean, you’re really taking
one for the team here. Yeah. It’s unbelievable, honestly. They show up whenever
they want to. And then they– it’s
like a whole set of– different set of rules. I’ve never seen
anything like it. But why is it allowed? I don’t know. It’s fine. Well, I don’t need
to see it full out. I just need– I
literally need Elliana, is what I need right now. Let me call her. [PHONE RINGING] I mean, she was late. I mean, I didn’t see her
behind you, but, like– MICHELLE: I saw her get in the
car when we got in the car. I saw her. You’re killing me, Smalls. WOMAN (OVER PHONE): Please
record your message. When you are finished
recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. You can’t write this stuff. One second. [BEEP] Hey, Linda. It’s Joanne and Michelle. And we’re here at the studio. And Gianna is wondering
where you are, and so are we. So do I call until you pick up? Are you going to call me back? Are you lost? Where are you? She’s not answering. Gianna, she’s not– I mean, I don’t
want to make your kid, like, do all this work. Well, Sarah wanted to dance. And it’s good for her to dance. Gia has to know it. MICHELLE: I mean,
you’re the only one that has the conversation with
Abby that can make the change. Sarah can learn it. Right. Sarah can learn it. And the change we made
with you and Abby. That’s the only– I already asked. Honestly, you’re teaching
it and you see Sarah. I mean– I don’t think that
there’s anything that Sarah can’t do in this dance. Push back. Push back. Ah-ha! Ah. Yolanda scored. What do you think
about the studio? We were wondering
where you were. Well, I’m here on
time, girlfriend. We were like, oh, my god. Did you think I went
to the wrong place? I thought you got lost. Remember you told me your GPS,
you get lost all the time? Well, true. But I had, you know,
I checked this out. I knew where it was. OK, Elliana. Elliana, are you warmed up? OK. And she– I did send
the videos to her. So she says she knows it. INSTRUCTOR: OK. So what do you know, Elliana? Do you know any of it? OK. Well, we need to walk it
through slow from the top because Gianna has
never done it with you. All right. Step in, Ellie. Let’s see what we have. [MUSIC PLAYING] SINGER: Say you’re guilty,
say you’re naughty. Say you did it. Say you’re sorry. Seven, eight– [MUSIC PLAYING] SINGER: Back down to the floor. Gonna rub ’em and cuff ’em
until they beg for more. OK, you know this part. This is crazy. Y’all, I’m done with the– night rehearsals. Like, I was there at
7:00 today, from 7:00 AM. And it’s about to be 7:00
PM, and I’m still going. This is not what I planned. And it’s not fair to you. It’s not fair to Gia. It is not fair to Sarah. It’s not fair to the mothers. It’s not, like, fair to anybody. You have to jump that
way, so you have to do a half of a turn, a half of a– or you have to do second– let’s have you not jump. Let’s have you jump. And I need to get you that way. Can you aerial to
the back and land? There we go. And land on your stomach. There you go. So I’m so confused. Does she know it? She learned it in– she couldn’t do school,
but she learned the dance? This is, like, really,
really, really hard for me. Different condition here. JOANNE: What’s the matter? What’s happening?
– She had no mirrors– She’s trying to
say she learned this whole dance in 20
minutes while she drove through drive-through. Well, she knew the
beginning last night. The beginning was last night. So it was the
second little half. The new stuff– the new stuff. But this is a much– this
is an actual dance floor. Like, there are mirrors. Last week, she had no
practice on Friday. She had learned on
Thursday in a room that was a fourth the size of this room. But that shouldn’t
matter because she learned it in the car today. You just told me she does it
many, many times in the car. Learns it and takes
it right to the stage. So she should never
need to have a room. LINDA: However, those
were solo performances. It makes a big difference. She has to be– she has to be with
her duet partner. I feel like you really
have something on your mind right now. I just think poor
Sarah’s sitting back here. And you don’t think that
I’m considering her feelings? No. You should’ve brought
her an ice cream. She skipped dinner. Elliana, do you even know
what this dance is about? Um– she’s, like, calling me,
like, safe or guilty for, like, being a strangler. So she’s the judge? So she’s the judge. Have you ever seen “Judge Judy?” It’s my grandma’s
favorite show, so yes, I’ve watched it before. And you see what
she looks like, and you see her demeanor
and her posture, and you see the people
in the courtroom? Yes. So that’s you. OK. And we don’t know yet
if you’re guilty or not. OK. So we can’t tell, and we
won’t know until the end. OK? If you really did it or not. But you need to be,
like, taunting her. OK. And you’re like, I’ve
had it, I don’t want– I don’t want to hear your story,
I don’t want to hear your side, I don’t want to hear it. OK. So I’m kind of,
like, sneaky, right? Sneaky. And I’m stuck here. I’m sure Abby will
go over it with you. Are you going to
be here tomorrow, or am I never going to
see this dance again? Who am I going to
see do this dance? How long are
these arrangements going to go on for, that I need
to plan extra time in my week? I just need to know. Well, is that OK? No. Three strikes, you’re out. Tomorrow is the third one. I know. It’s crazy. It’s not. And Sarah, thank you, again,
for being here and stepping in. I don’t know if
you’re helping us, but you’re definitely
helping me. So– Yeah, but– Thank you, Sarah. Thanks. I really feel that, like, this
shows who she is as a dancer and as a person. And that, you know, Abby’s
going to see that, that she’s had an awesome attitude. Like right now, she’s
practicing right now. Like, she doesn’t
have to, but she’s, like, going, like,
balls out to be the best team player she can. And that’s, like,
a true teammate. You owe her a lot. Yeah. I’ve told that to
Ellie numerous times. To everybody here. I’m just– what I’m
trying to figure out– Well, you didn’t want
me in their recording at all, which I’m not
really quite sure why some– Well I mean, it’s my kid.
Because– No, because you
wanted to sabotage it, so she wouldn’t have
her chance at all. Me sabotage it? Are you insane? Why would that be insane? You want to sabotage getting
Sarah out of the dance because you want
Elliana in the dance. By doing what? Because wanted to make
sure she got the part. You don’t bring her on time. We have to rearrange rehearsals. We have to be here in
the nighttime for you because you don’t have
your stuff together. You didn’t even want me– Are you crazy? That’s insane. You didn’t even
want me to record her. That’s my kid. Abby had already
given permission. That’s my kid. For you to help your kid. To help your kid. But it’s a team play–
it’s supposed to be a team. Wait.
Wait. She’s not even allowed to
dance at the same time. So now on my night off, on
my night to go eat dinner– I didn’t even eat. You stopped and
you arrived late– This was your choice. This was your choice. She didn’t have to come. She didn’t have to come today. That I want my kid
to be in the duo. So if Sarah wants
to run her music and make sure she knows
it, because if she goes in the studio tomorrow, and
Abby says, Sarah, run the dance, I want to make sure
Sarah knows it. With the music, and not just
standing back here because she didn’t do it with a partner. Michelle, you’re not
even listening to it. All these things I’ve said
about Sarah, but have you even said one nice
thing about Elliana? Not one. Yap, yap, yap, yap,
yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. Exactly. Not one. Yap, yap, yap. But I didn’t come here
to hear the validation. Not one. Sarah’s not going to know the
dance if you’re talking to her while you’re doing the dance. [MUSIC PLAYING] SINGER: Do some time
in the back seat. Do some time in the back seat. I love that. Yeah, it’s cool. A lot of energy. SINGER: You look like a felony. Handcuffs, so put your hands up. And baby, you look
like a felony. Handcuffs, so put your hands up. You look like a felony. So what do you think? What do you think? Go up there, Sarah. I think you all
need to practice it. I think you need to
practice it with her. And I think you need to
practice it with her. GiaNina, do you have a
preference for a duo partner? No, I don’t. I think they dance– they don’t dance– they
don’t dance the same, which is fine, but I’ll– We’ll find a way to dance
the same, and all of us. I don’t really have
a preference at all. I think they can both do it
just equally as well as I could have been partnered with. It just comes down to
what Miss Abby wants. Good answer, Judge Judy. Good job, Sarah. Don’t worry about it, OK? Thank you. I’m going to leave it at this. Let’s work with what
we have tonight. I will send you
updated music later. I think that’s all I can
do for you guys right now. LINDA: Thank you. I’m going home. Thank you very much. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you, moms. Thank you, both of you, for– Next week, there will be no
after school rehearsal with me. You’re talented kids,
and making it work. So you’re saying right
now, Sarah did it better? Yeah. Well, she has
the character down. You can see it. Yeah, of course. But– That’s it. Oh, did you jump
in there wrong? We’ll see.