ANNOUNCER: This is entry number
75, GiaNina, with “Big Shot.” Woo [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – MARIO GRINGOROV
AND GLACÉIA ADEL HENDERSON, “HELLO BIG SHOT”] (SINGING) Hello, big shot. I’ll get you. Hello, big shot,
coming to your door. Hello, big shot. Make me wait no more. Hello, big shot,
tired of waiting. Hello, big shot, snuck
through your door. Hello, big shot. What you waiting for? Hello, big shot,
think I got you. Hello, big shot,
swing me to the floor. Hello, big shot. I know you want more. At the break of dawn,
just before sunrise, all sunny in the morning,
where I can be yours. In the afternoon, I
have to work at 6:00. Whenever you want me,
whenever you need me, just come see me soon. Hello, my darling. Won’t you come on over? He’s into kisses and
your hugs make me sober. And when you’re
ready to just leave, the door is open for my baby. Don’t you dare forget me. [VOCALIZING] Hello, big shot. Yes, I got ya. Hello, big shot. You have opened your door. Hello, big shot. Take me now. I’m yours. I’m yours. [APPLAUSE]