– All right, we are attending
“Devotion to Dance” competition. Miss Gianna is not
here this week. She’s back at the
studio in Pittsburgh. So I thought I’d take this
opportunity to do something that I wouldn’t use
her to assist me on, and that would be
a hip-hop number. Yes!
[cheering] I have the minis in this week. I’m going to be busy. So, welcome my
helpers in this week. I have two of the
instructors at the ALDC LA joining me this week. I’ve got a bunch
of kids coming in, so are you guys going to
start on the group dance? We barely had Abby’s
attention when she had one team. This mini team will
be a distraction. Hi, girls. How’s everybody?
[music playing] MAN: (RAPPING) Got
to stay focused. Won’t lose control. Going to make it happen. The last time we did hip
hop, we got our butts kicked, and we had Maddie. This week we don’t have Maddie. We have Brynn, who’s no Maddie. Things are already
intense with Abby. She’s dealing with legal issues
that could land her in jail. And now we have all these
minis running around, and we absolutely
cannot afford to let these minis come in and steal
the spotlight from our girls. You guys looked really
good out there yesterday. You looked really good. Were you distracted
by the little team? – Yeah.
– You were? I think the
minis are adorable, but they are a huge
distraction to Abby. Let’s figure out
what the next part is. Be tough.
This is a tough crowd. You’re dealing with
these mothers here, OK? Hip hop was difficult
enough back in Pittsburgh when they had Maddie. Now we’re here on the West
Coast in LA without Maddie. I don’t think the
girls are going to be able to pull this off.
– Hi. They’re adorable. This is Ryan– Ryan. –Blake, and Kenneth, OK? So, they’re in your dance. Yeah. Why do you think
they’re surprised? I brought three guys
just to hang out? 5, 6, and 7, and 8. Abby thinks it’s
a brilliant idea add three random boys to the group. What is up with that? The girls have never danced
with these boys before. They’re learning the
choreography now, and now we’re going to add
more people to the group? It’s insane. I’ve had a lot of
good ideas, but this one might be my best yet. These three boys
can pop and lock. They’re incredible,
and they’re taking my beautiful lyrical
dancers and they’re making them the tough
and rugged hip-hop stars. This is not a typical
dance we would do. No. I wish I had more
time to clean that. If we could say that we’ve
said one thing a hundred times, what would it be?
– I wish I had time. I wish we had more time. Mm hmm. I mean, every week we say it. But really, we
would have more time if we don’t the minis here. Oh, I agree 100%. [phone ringing] I have to take
this phone call. I just got a phone
call from my attorney. I was expecting some news. It could be good news
or it could be bad news. The court and the judge,
they think I’m hiding money so it doesn’t show up anywhere. That’s bull-[bleep]. All week we knew that
Abby’s legal troubles were simmering and
bubbling, and finally that pot has boiled over. Is Abby here? Abby hasn’t been there all
week to get this group ready. I think they will be just fine.
I think they’re fine. It is what it is.
– The mini team are not. I think we have a
good dance this week. We have a good chance to win. This is like nothing we
have ever had before. I think the girls,
unfortunately, are used to Abby not being here, and I
think it’s sad that Abby can’t be a part of it. Abby has abandoned
the girls again, but I believe in them
because they didn’t leave when the going got tough. This week, we have
boys in, and we’re doing a hip-hop dance. And nobody expects us to be
good at hip hop, but we are, OK? I’m just going to say that. Next up we have number 35
straight out of Pittsburgh. [applause] [music playing] MAN: (RAPPING) Never give up. Refuse to lose. Do what I got to do. I’m paying my dues. Never give up. Refuse to lose. Doing what I got to do. I’m paying my dues. Got to stay focused. Don’t lose control. Anything can happen
without selling my soul. [applause] For team group, in
first we have number 35 straight out of Pittsburgh. [applause] Oh yes, the dance
gods are singing today. The group got first overall. This is amazing. This is what we needed. I feel bad for the girls
that Abby’s not here to be a part of it,
but we are definitely doing a victory dance.