{Logo:Fanshawe College} {Music} Hi my name is Courtney Rosa I am the
manager of national promotions at E One Films. The entertainment industry is all
about who you know, networking. I got my initial internship literally just by
emailing complete randoms. But through that opportunity I got put in touch with
people in the marketing department at E One films and so I kind of just jumped over
and there is obviously some differences but I think
entertainment as a whole which I am obsessed with all things entertainment,
that you can kind of go from industry to industry, and it kind of encompasses the
same parts of your role. MIA is really good at preparing you for working in
the entertainment industry, preparing you for all types of internships that it is
not going to be all glamour and toting around rock stars. As soon as you graduate and then
you really have to bust your butt to get anywhere, and I kind of always
had that in the back of my mind, being like I’ll do anything. I will get you
coffee, I will photocopy these papers, I will file these papers just to be in the
environment of being at a record label or at a film studio. Career
highlights would definitely be TIFF. Pretty much every year, TIFF, the Toronto
International Film Festival is so much fun ,and it is so stressful it’s a
wild time. For ten days you’re running around like kind of like a
maniac it’s all hands on deck trying to kind of wrangle talent and help our
sponsors that are sponsoring all of our events and obviously was like the
parties and all of the glam but there’s so much behind-the-scenes work it is
insane. And you kind of get to see a lot of
the talent and celebrities in a very kind of their natural setting which
is really cool. Advice I would give future graduates of MIA is to go after what it
is that you want. I went after every single record label, every single music
studio. I did have interviews just like even if it is just sitting down
for coffee with somebody that may not have an opportunity for you but can point
you in a direction or give you advice or set you up with someone else. It
is a lot about who you know and the networking and don’t let any opportunity
pass you by. {Music} {Logo:Fanshawe College} {Music}