What’s up world – my name is Travis Ruskus and I’m a rock balance artist here I am at the beach in San Francisco (USA) today I’m going to show
you how to counterbalance basically you want to pretend like
you’re balancing a little tiny triangle 1… 2.. 3… and it will click into place and that’s how I
balanced this one so it’s the same method
with this and this and this however as you can see this red rock right here is going to
fall over unless right here there’s enough weight to counter it so it’s like
I’m falling this way unless something is gonna balance me back
that’s basically how it works and then up here this is actually
going to fall over that way still unless I put these rocks here
so even to the smallest rock it affects the entire balance through trial and error
you’re going to figure out how it works and when you finally get it it will click into place