I feel like this is like some weird bicep situation Hey everyone, it’s me Wendy. This is another episode of Can She DIY It? It’s a show where I take stuff that I find on the internet, or I guess elsewhere, but realistically it’s the internet, and try to DIY it myself. I will show you all the steps and hopefully I and you can succeed in making your own items Today is a special episode because I’m doing something I’ve never done before I mean, okay, I never repeat my projects, but this is just like a different genre Entirely so, you know we have been doing basics for a long time. I got you covered with sweaters hoodies jackets dresses skirts Whatever then I’ve been doing a bunch of things that are I guess what I think is popular or trendy Whatever seems to be stylish and cute. We’ve done that now in this video for the first time we are going to do influencer clothing collection. Please, bear with me, it’s gonna be great. I feel like a right of passage now, is that an Influencer not all people are happy with that term, but there it is Has like their own fashion line, and it’s usually someone who loves fashion probably pretty fashionable themselves And so I have picked two people that I have look up to looked up to for a long time have really been like following their journey and wanting to see them succeed and I think have pretty distinct or Very recognizable fashion characteristics by nature of being a fashion collection by an influencer These items are also really cute and trendy so even if you’re not here for the names or labels I think you will stay for how cute this clothes is I’m gonna pick an item from two collections to give you kind of like Two options for Styles one is a top, one is a matching set. So we got tops and bottoms covered I’m making these items from thrifted pieces So I’m going to give you some ideas on what to look for at the thirst store and then you’re gonna feel really good about yourself Because this was better for the environment because you recycled something as well Saves you a little bit of effort because a bunch of seams were already done for you first up on today’s can she DIY it chopping block is Eggy, this is a clothing brand by Jen Im, a very popular Korean youtuber here on YouTube I think generally there’s like a very young playful innocent cutesy with a little bit of like Insta-girl baddiness sprinkled in there. I would say that’s the vibe I get from her line, so I tried to pick something That’s very signature to it. Okay, here’s a picture this is the Eggy item that were aiming for I thought this was very signature Jen Im. It’s like Youthful innocent got the playful shoulders got the cute little square neckline that’s happening right now a crop top That’s very Jen and to make this my advice is to check the tops The lingerie as well as the dresses section you’re looking for something that is fitted hopefully already tank top cut and That way from there If it fits you snugly You can worry about reshaping it to get the ideal accents that we’re aiming for so this is the top that I thrifted, five dollars, I actually think this is supposed to be an undershirt. It’s got button up in the back, it is already cropped length I like that it actually has a pretty snug fit as it is right now and so all I’m going to add to it is the sleeves and the neckline. Let’s get started. Alright, I have some notes The first thing we’re gonna do for the Eggy top is I want to reshape the neckline. Right now it is a round neckline, but I want to go for something that’s more square. So we’re going to cut that out. Once that’s done, we’re gonna try it on. This is a great time to give it a try Actually, it’s the time I’m most scared to give it a try, But we’re just gonna see how this whole neckline worked out. Oh All right I’m good with that. So yeah, it’s square but no, you know not like perfectly square. You still have some natural bend to it I’m gonna take some bias tape and bind the edge so that it all looks clean and professional I really hope that goes well. All right, let me bring you in here for a close-up You’re gonna open it up, sew it to the raw edge and then kind of fold it over and sew it down with a straight stitch That was definitely way too brief of an intro to bias tape So if you would like a detailed explanation, I will put a link in the description for you. Voilà! Bias tape is so great It can handle any curve just makes it all look clean. And then we’re going to add the sleeves. For the sleeves I went shopping! I don’t go shopping very often for raw fabric anymore. So now I just get really excited for it tada, we’re gonna be using this tool and It has pearls on it. So this is some really special pretty tulle and we got half a yard That’s all you need. And this hopefully is going to become our pretty Shoulder action, so I’m gonna let voiceover Wendy take over because those sleeves aren’t gonna add themselves. I have folded my pearl tastic fabric in half and I’m laying down a Pattern that I had from a previous tutorial where I showed how to clone clothes This one gets me a pretty slim fit sleeve and since I want things to be puffy and poofy and puff tastic I’m gonna be cutting generously on the left on the right making a bigger curve along the top as well as a little bit of a bell along the bottom and all of that is going To come together for a puff sleeve I’m gonna fold this in half with the right sides touching along the straight edge It’s going to be sewn with a straight stitch and when you flip that inside out you have your finished tube Which is your new sleeve To gather the sleeve so that it fits inside the body. I’ve sewn two parallel stitches all the way around and on one side I’m going to take the top two threads tie them together in a knot and on the other side I’m going to take the two inside threads and tie them together in a knot Before we get to gathering do add a pin to the opposite end of the sleeve from the seam so that you know where the halfway point is and when you pull on the free strands of the thread you can see the whole thing just starts to bunch up and we’re gonna make it smaller and smaller until It matches the size of the armhole on the body We’re gonna slide the sleeve into the armhole making sure that they’re touching right sides together so that the sleeve seam is touching the armpit seam of the top. Pin these right sides together armpit to armpit all of this you sew together with a straight stitch I took some elastic and sewed it into a loop This is gonna go along the bottom of the sleeve to help close it off so that it finishes off the poofiness I pinned this at equal distances all the way around sewed it down with a zig-zag stitch and then Folded it in one more time to sew it with a zig-zag stitch Just because I wanted the edge to be a folded edge which makes it nice and clean for the finish Here is the before: a kind of dainty undershirt and here we are after We’ve got puffy sleeves, magical floating tulle. I’m really happy with how this one turned out because It just makes you look like you’re flittering and fluttering everywhere you go And the second item will be from a different collection And that is Song of Style by Aimee Song If you don’t know her I think her longtime followers recognize her for her blog and for Instagram But now she’s also doing her whole YouTube thing. This clothing line she has, Song of Style is in partnership with Revolve So there’s pretty wide distribution in there. So that gives you a sense of the styles. Okay, I don’t want to get emotionally attached but this is what we’re working with to make the song of style piece I actually kind of like this dress. I feel the very classic in it Does it have pockets? Of course, of course, it has pockets I’m getting attached so this is $11 thrifted from Value Village my goal going into Value Village was to find a jacket or a dress That was long enough to be changed into a two-piece so that’s who you should be aiming for and what’s nice about the jacket is That it already has the button in the front. This was perfect because it’s a button front dress and it looks very much like Anne of Green Gables, but when she’s a teacher and she’s taking the kids out on a field trip Do you know what I mean? Obviously the fit is not perfect on me, which is helping me to not get too attached but the color is so beautiful I love this rusty red and the buttons are a great detail. The skirt is very full So there’s plenty of fabric to work with which is great This is inspiration for you to even just go thrift and not even bother with the sewing part. I hope you feel motivated it’s time to chop it up and We will see what we get in the end Back to my notes with this Song of Style top I’m going to basically cut it in half so that I’m treating the top half as a jacket or top Depending on whether you button it, open or closed and the bottom half is going to become the skirt and it already is a skirt We’re just making it fit better. Here we go The top does need the bottom edge hemmed once I cut it off I’m gonna do a zig-zag stitch all the way along that raw edge just to help lock it in position Especially since there’s some pleats built in I don’t want that fabric moving around while I sew. Once that zig-zag stitch was all done I folded over the edge and did a blind hem just so it wouldn’t show from the outside a Straight stitch would work perfectly fine, but I was just trying to be fancy. Okay. Hi-ho coming in with the status check So now it is no longer a dress it is a little cropped jacket and It can be worn open or it can be worn closed and basically becomes a top. I Think my belly button is here. Yes. So this works out great because then the skirt will cover the belly button you still get a little a little gap of excitement the blind hem really gives you the benefit of Not seeing a seam here at all. So it looks a bit more professional because it ends clean that’s handled We have a cute little top that doubles as a jacket now to create a matching fitted skirt So with my skirt, there’s a couple of things that need to be tackled first It’s got too much fabric because it’s pleated you need to somehow shrink that in, the top edge is also raw the bottom I think is too long and those are the three things that we will tackle Now this is the full width of the skirt with all the pleats taken out really goes to show when you see something That’s pleated it takes a lot of fabric sliding down the dress and folding it over a couple of times I’m gonna shorten this skirt by cutting nice and neatly Along the curve this piece that I’m cutting along the curve is about two inches wide, and I’m gonna use it to line the inside Waistband of the skirt, but this is also simultaneously cutting the skirt closer to the length that I want So here’s this big long loop that I cut off bringing it back up to the top of the skirt I’m sewing this right sides together with a straight stitch all the way around I did start at the front of the skirt So that all the excess could hang out the back just because I know the back is where I’m gonna be Removing a lot of fabric. So it’s perfectly fine. If the excess is there it’s all going to get chopped off All right. I have the waistband sewn on and We’re just gonna try it on and see how much needs to be removed. So it fits around my waist Okay, we’re gonna do it backwards This is like a comfortable fit I think Okay, so I’m going to put the pin here and then oh wait I can’t get out Pin on each side, okay These two pins are where it meets together to fit around my waist 99 centimeters so I need to get rid of 99 centimeters Through the back seam and like I think two thigh seams Be right back So I’ve got these pins here in the back because this entire distance here is a total of 50 Centimeters what I’m trying to remove and up here in the front I’ve got two parts folded and pinned down the distance of each of these is 25 centimeters So this is now 25 plus 25 in the front 50 in the back which results in the total of a hundred Centimeters being taken away and this hole that’s left over is my waist. This looks kind of weirdly small So let’s start with the front and see what we get – here we go straight stitch Down one of these folded flaps in the front This folded flap is taking away 25 centimeters width fabric. This was the right side of the front So I’m going to do it again on the left side of the front and in total 50 centimeters gone in the front For the back, I’m pretty sure about where these pins are So I’m gonna cut off the excess fabric and as you can see here the excess waistband is also going away as planned This bit right here was sewn with a straight stitch But I did leave the top open a little bit because that is the place where we are going to be adding an invisible zipper Okay, this is the skirt. This is a pretty important part to try it on. I mean really you should try it on Without pants, but I’m 1) lazy and 2) Trying to keep things PG around here. This is gonna get folded down. You know, try to ignore that. I think this is pretty close obviously the length also needs adjusting but one thing at a time, invisible zipper and then Fixing the length. The way I do it is I put the zipper in the open position Lie down exactly where it needs to go and then with its two arms that are raised upwards You flip them outwards and then pin it to the skirt. I Try to make sure that little plastic bit of the zipper lines up with the very very top of the skirt And then I just keep adding pins going down on both sides so that I have good guidance And I don’t lose track of where this zipper was supposed to go Here is the zipper all done. We can sew it up. All satisfyingly. It is invisible Amazing the disappearing zipper now What I want to do is take that Raw fabric that’s on the inside and sew it to the top half of the waistband This is gonna help it to lay flat when I’m wearing the skirt I just do a straight stitch all the way around. Actually. This one was a tip from a viewer So thank you very much for reminding me about this. Okay, we’ve been making progress I think this is like a little bit too tight here because you can see the fabric straining so I’m gonna have to let this out a little and the length needs to be shortened a touch If you can see here with the close-up I added one more stitch just a little distance away from the previous stitch that I had This will give it a little more breathing room in the front So now that I’ve laid down the new stitch I just go in and remove the old stitch and now the skirt fits me a little bit better I’ve got the bottom folded up and pinned all the way around to the height that I want We’re just gonna go around and give it a good ol straight stitch. Okay, come to the difficult decision Which I’m not too happy about but I think it needs to be done. I’m going to seal these pockets shut Goodbye pockets you were exciting while it lasted Anyone who is familiar with Pocket structure and like why certain pockets are different shapes or different types of entry exits will probably understand this decision, but it’s just pulling on the fabric in a funny way and Even though they’re super useful. It’s not worth it if the skirt looks bad Okay, we are almost done This is the skirt right now. What I don’t like is this little bit Bumpiness because I’ve pretty much sealed this off so that you can’t use it anymore For this just to make sure this stitch is super invisible. I’m just gonna use a good old needle and thread and Sew it shut so it lies flat I don’t normally advise this but I think I’m gonna do it while I’m wearing it because that helps me to Really get it, right Maybe don’t do this at home. Okay, I’m gonna finish this off and then I’m going to show you the finished outfit Taking one last look at the dress that I tried very hard to not get emotionally attached to here’s how things looked before and Here is how this red dress looks in a little bit of a more modern twist. The rust color, I love. It definitely helps to carry it into the current style and now instead of the whole flare dress You’ve got a fitted skirt And with the top I could have chopped off the sleeves to give it that more t-shirt length But I actually really love these cuffs. So I kept them there I hope you really enjoy these two transformations I feel like the sleeves and like turning a dress into a matching set gives you a couple of good ideas On some new ways you can tackle some thrifted items If you decide to give these a try Please do let me know you can use #madewithwendy on Instagram so that I can find it I will put up photos of myself wearing these outfits on my Instagram So if you want to see those as they come out It’ll be @withwendy. And if you made it all the way here and you haven’t subscribed I feel like you should subscribe you can even hit the bell notification cuz I’m always here early to chat with people when the video goes up. That’ll be it for today. Thank you all so much for watching I hope this video is not too long and I’ll see you all next time Bye!