shimon: … shimon: wHAT *Rossini’s Semiramide Overture plays* umu: ok so we are watching Super Junior and you two are familiar with this group yunyi: like one song literally one song
kevin: I kevin: I’m familiar with like…literally their name umu: well we’re starting with some of their most recent songs and i know we usually go in chronological order but these two… i’m most familiar with and I like the most
kevin: 2014 is not that recent umu: but yeah! this is…mama(IMSORR Y FOR BAD PRONUNCIATION) yunyi: isn’t it mamaCita umu: might be mamacita jarod: going spaghetti western in the east 3 2 1gO fiona: so far so good henry: wohAHOW fiona: oH I love this
henry: *laughing* jarod: the stash peyton: blacksmith shindong yunyi: i envy this
kevin: bullfighter? hugo: ha! barber gwen: did he just scratch his head with his gun
hugo: yep gwen: like with his finger on the trigger safety off like xD shimon: WHAT fruit shop owner gwen: when you murder someone and let the newspaper take pictures of you both: ohhh
jarod: bammm davis: ooh
lindsey: what fiona: that is unexpected yunyi: YES petyon: get the big band in there hugo: more 20s vibe yunyi: love me my jazz inspired stuff naoki: is this like 20s…?
shimon: i can’t naoki: i can’t tell.. is it 20s? hugo: yeah! kevin: i like that piano fiona: uh huuuuuhhh hugo: this is super dope gwen: this is sexy lindsey: oh wow I was not expecting this at all from the way this video started like not even a little henry: they’re mixing a lot of different archetypes here fiona: yes umu: does that remind you of anyone? (hinting to henry’s trap mv) kevin: that brass thing at the beginning better comeback lindsey: it’s got kind of a Latin feel to it but a very pop-y Latin feel because it’s not just bossa nova or anything naoki: did you hear that? it was like the same three phrases in a row and then it changed
shimon: and then it shimon: and then the last one yunyi: that guy DID look familiar now that you mention it fiona: it’s so like…it’s like mysterious this song the song is like gwen: this song is weird all of the backing instruments are like jazz style except for the beat and all the vocals are like modern kevin: they’re just singing tetrachords (umu: in one of henry’s songs)
kevin: i’m a tiny bit let down but just because the brass thing at the beginning was so great fiona: idk
henry: it’s definitely just a lot of 5-1-5-1-5-1.. fiona; awoww he’s doing the splits! oh he fell on his butt hugo: i’m really digging the vocals tho their chords are super tight
gwen: oh i’m so into it henry: but.. the video is really cool and the brass is ok yunyi: i like his voice