Henry: Whaaaaaat Brianna: Wait, let me try to read these words B: Solar, Moon bye-al (moonbyul).
James: Oh my god We in (Wheein), Hawaza (Hwasa) Umu: Oh my god
J: Girl, you gonna get ripped to shreds by the comments U: Solar, Moonbyul (J: Moonbyul), Wheein (J: Wheein), and Hwasa (J: Hwasa) J: Brianna be like Hawaysa, Wheeze in, Moon bile, and SoulARE are (Umu: *screech*) B: Tortilla (with the “L” pronounced) J: Come for her not for me. I didn’t…
B: Stop! U: So now you’re reacting to the girl group Mamamoo And the song that was performed on the Korean musical survival show queendom, which they won The song explores the idea of one person being your destiny The lyrics tell the story of two people who are in love, but the relationship ended. However, because they are destined to be together. They will meet again someday This is represented in the lyrics “We have actually broke up. We walked on different paths, time envelops us and we found each other again Though we went separate ways. We were destined to eventually meet again.” The song is composed by Kim Dohoon and Park Woosang Fiona: 3, 2, 1 Daniel: Oh okay Oh what? Okay, ok Owen: Hmm, they had two tracks for the guitar and one sort of faded out before another one Elizabeth: Kind of feels like a Western, doesn’t it?
O: Mhmm J: I got chills B: Love that guitar J: Sultry J & B: Ooohh J: Oh fuck
B: Do you hear the richness in her voice?
J: Yeah B: That was so nice Henry: Oh, OOh I like that O: There’s also something very folk-y about having the base drum be on every beat As well as the guitar F: Reminds me of like I’m a cowboy but now I’m at a club D: It’s actually very gentil in the way that they’re like layering everything
F: Mm Works really well, Cloud: That was weird like, clicking? H: That’s so interesting She’s carrying the speed and the the instruments have- have faded to be a bit more slow wavy That’s a cool choice Kevin: Ooh wow, that low E, I felt that ahhh Solar J: I don’t know how old these members are but their voices sound like they’ve aged like fine wine like they’re like So good. This is such a nice fusion of like so many pop… styles C: Oooh H: A- aaaaaa I love that isolation, that’s so cool Cause I really wanted to hear more that and they gave me more of that O: They just- it’s just daba daba daba daba da ba ba but like it feels very different because of the stress syllables It’s got a really interesting rhythmic aspect to it F: I love that takes off running and like the Energy’s back. It’s like yeah, we’ve restarted, new day
D: Yeah, and it still has the uh guitar in the background, the acoustic guitar F: Just sounds like an adventure broken compass K: Man I love how every new section the melody changes so much That’s wonderful. I mean the way the vocalists like… trade off D: Ah this is the duo that comes back
F: yeah Hwasa sounds so good here H: This feels like a break that you take to stretch before going back to do more aerobic exercise
C: Before they push again H: This is high knees, you can do Zumba to this so easy K: Aw yeah, squeeze those words together so many syllables Isaac & K: *noises to the rhythm* H: Whaaaat Whaat is going on‽ What the hell?? D: Damn she’s like, so powerful like Oh I thought it was gonna end H: Chills J: Wow Fuuck U: They are 24 to 27 years old J: Wow And what I meant when I said that was not necessarily that they’re they sound old they don’t at all but their voices sound like very mature it sounds like they’ve been had like long careers and been singing for a very long time like they’re just that good B: Solar Correct.
B: Okay Her voice is just so rich and the thickness and then like when she does her vibratta at the end I’m like, oohh
J: yeah B: Do it again she is so-
J: Like Wheein is really, like all of them (B: Yeah) like it was just like perfection and I think also just to talk a little bit about like what they’re singing about is really cool as well because it’s not Something that’s often sung about like you usually for most people and even for most artists who sing about love It’s like we broke up, it sucks. You know for a lot of people like that’s the reality I don’t know like I think that the whole idea of like having to part ways with someone and then taking time to like figure out your stuff and then coming back and like Rebuilding what you had or like building upon what you had is like a really really like really cool Romantic ideal
B: I think really ties into the music because um In the bridge it goes to the relative major and so it’s like
J: hmm B: It’s when you change you’re not completely changed You’re just I feel like a better version of yourself and don’t this like major but better than minor and I love how it’s still In the key in some type of way, but it’s just one mode of that key
J: Yeah, yeah D: I’m just gonna say just really quickly, um, that Hwasa is like literally like Wow Like just like so much power, you know F: I was like what was gonna happen Anyways! I really loved like the, how it like took off like a galloping horse with the guitar and the *noises* It just had this like driving feel and it changed like every time the vocal line changed I dunno, it was just so cool D: I thought yeah, I thought it was you said this but that this was really intimate I love that word, right? Because I think it’s perfect. Um, and I think this is a lot more intimate than like maybe most kpop (F: Mhm) songs would probably get in terms of like displaying like This is, you know, our group and this is what we’re about and like I feel like because this is- was on a show, right? (U: Mhm) that’s sort of like the vibe, right? This is kind of like their U: It was very performance oriented D: Yeah, but also was more like
F: It came across like that like it felt like they were performing for us They weren’t trying to create an image It was like (D: yeah) a real like artistic exchange between audience and them D: That being said I was unsure about that ending or that false ending that we got they did everything to like ‘we’re gonna end’ right, and then they just like added this like outro that was like only Two stanzas or something or just like a couple of lines and then and then it actually ends but then it wasn’t set up to me in a way that it felt was… completely intentional it was like we’re gonna end but got you It was more like we’re gonna end And I’m like oh great. (F: No no no) Wait, I have something to say F: NOOOO! I thought it was like
D: Really? F: This is what we said and then Like (D: Oh okay) audience you’re in my control. We’re bringing it back like how it started like because they don’t want like a ‘wooooo’ after this (D: No no) kind of song they want like a D: I already expected it because like the musical energy kind of dissipated already and then it comes back F: More is better D: Ugh I don’t know (F: I- no I totally hear you) but I mean it was very good it’s just it was very good This didn’t do maybe I don’t know another hear would do it for me but the first time definitely was like that caught my ear in a way that was like what happened instead of like, interesting like I like that
F: Mhm C: It’s like with the guitar opening and stuff that it sounds like one of those like alternative like songs that you kind of like lay and kick back to and like it’s so got like a driving But that’s the thing. Like it sounds like it’s got like that driving beat This is a me thing, don’t worry about it. And then like it drops into those sections and you’re like this is so swaggy and thats such like, (H: You did not just say that!) it’s just such a juxtaposition! Like it like- the last part though, like not the very last part with the guitar back but like that last part when they’re that ta tata, like they’ve got that ta like you’re like you’re like, yeah and you’re just like- like thats so swaggy and the other section is so like, alternative pop Why are they married? I don’t understand how it works.
H: I loved it. I thought it was wonderful. I loved how they isolated that dada dada dada daa da da You know, whatever the hell you say in korean C: I love how they use the ta the really sharp like H: it was very percussive yeah It’s like a dental T like it wasn’t us- it wasn’t how we America Okay, a quick little vocal diction plug here, right like in American English we say “T”s as a stop plosive because it stops and (C: Thats some good words) Then you go t, right you stop the sound and then the air carries through and it’s unvoiced, voiced or unvoiced Just is it whether or not you’re using your voice? You can practice this by either going F or V You can feel if you put your hand here if it vibrates Yeah, you’ll feel if your vocal folds are activating and that’s the difference between Bob or pop, it’s where you put the voice right? It’s it’s so subtle, but your brain does that automatically (C: Sugar pop) So! We do T’s like A stop plosive Italians and a lot of other, other languages, but mainly Italian- we study this that’s how I’m making this relation- they do a dental T their “T”s are put um kind of right behind the teeth on the hard palate and it’s- it doesn’t explode as much so you’ll hear them do like “tenere” “tenere” it doesn’t have that sharp t (C: Yeah) so they were doing ta ta tata ta as a dental. It wasn’t super explosive but the staccato… gesture was there which is super cool C: I will say I don’t know how I felt about the song as a whole like as a whole cohesive unit I feel like I’d have to listen to it again a couple times (H: Mm) to see if I really Like how the sections influence each other and if I feel that they do Come together as a unit because I felt like they were all Sometimes they were very different.
H: Oh, yeah, they had good moments I’d have to listen again to figure out if I like- C: I did also really like how they gave a heartbeat to things where they would give like a Downbeat or like an every beat kinda pulse and then after that they’d have like a 12 3 4 with like claps then (H: Yeah), so like they would switch it up from like, you know you just have like the kick and then you have claps But like each time like you could sell feel where the pulse was which can be very helpful to propelling forward. I liked it H: Hwasa looks so gorgeous U: She is so gorgeous F: She’s so beautiful
She looks like she’s gonna like tell me to wash the dishes (U: *squawk*) better the next time