Aaron: Okay, I feel like we should be able to analyze this bassline right now because like it happens so much and I can’t figure it out Aaron: OH! Elizabeth: Wait, why do I know Lee JIn Ah?
Owen: Because she’s awesome Owen: she’s is so cool Umu: So now you’re reacting To the K-Indie solo artist Lee Jin Ah and a song called Ordinary Days released on her Unvisible, also translated to Invisible, and Unseen album. This song was released in 2013 before her appearance on kpop star force So it’s the earliest song we’ve ever heard from her the lyrics of the song are about learning to find joy Despite the mundane of ordinary days. Stephen: I like that I get behind that. All right, here we go *coughs* sorry Stephen: Upright bass! also, acoustic instruments. Nick: I Like this
Aaron: yEEESSS Nick: I like the jazz kind of trope where the bass just follows the same bass notes as in the piano it just feels so in sync and It’s really nice. Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. It’s 4-4-3 Kevin: Something like that Isaac: *Singing it*
Kevin: Oh it’s 7/8 Kevin: whoa how did the intro make me think something else that’s really weird what happened Owen: And if there’s a if there’s like a time when you’re when you listen to us and we’re saying like this sounds fake or or like we’ve heard this all before it and it’s it’s like this is this is this is it