Jarod: I like the way that chord on one and three sets up the kind of weird, the cool space on the two and four, so J: it’s like not like swung but just sets up a good groove. [Rossini’s Semiramide] Umu: GOT7 is a seven-member boy group under JYP entertainment that we actually reacted to last year. U: One and Only You is a B-side track from GOT7’s “Eyes on You” 2018 album, and as you can see before you this is a fan-made lyric video. James: Oh god! U: Ok, so this song features Hyolyn. Hyolyn is from the girl group SISTAR, which we reacted to earlier this year U: However, they’re disbanded now. So she’s continuing on her own solo career, Henry: Hey cool!
U: and she’s the CEO of her own entertainment label. H: Hey, there you go.
Elizabeth: Damn. U: This song was composed by Shim Eunji and then three composers who I butcher their names but I’ll try anyways. U: Albin Nordqvist, Louise Frick Sveen, Fredrik “Figge” Boström U: and the lyrics were written by the leader of the group JB. Charlotte: OK C: What? C: Bom bom. C: (laughs)
Peyton: (laughs) P: Oh my god. Henry: 3, 2… 1 Elizabeth: Oh. E: That is some very altered voice. E: Same. Hugo: Woah! Peyton: She sounds hot. Elizabeth: They definitely layered her voice over…them. E: So you get the same effect of the boy band singing together but it’s just her. Henry: I think it’s kind of, I think it works pretty well. I think it’s pretty cohesive. Nikki: That was really rhythmically interesting.
Lindsey: Yeah, the dialect in this is really cool, the way that they’re like… L: using it rhythmically within. in the stresses too. Kevin: Oh man, I love K: sharp-11, E-flat sharp-11. Lindsey: When like, that chord just popped. L: These vocal harmonies are so good (laughs).
Nikki: Mhmm Peyton: (singing) Don’t worry baby just Korean, Korean~ Kevin: Can the song just get stuck again because I like that part where it just starts and stops K: yes! Jarod: I like the way that chord on the one in three sets up the kind of weird, the cool space on the two and four, so J: it’s like not like swung but just sets up a good groove. Kevin: I like how it sounds popping but it also sounds smooth at the same time. I think they did that really well. Elizabeth: That’s interesting. He didn’t have like a whole section that was rapping. He just like did his little thing and then they moved on. Henry: Interludes. Lindsey: That’s so good man that chord is awesome. I mean- it’s like a- L: I don’t even know. Some chord, some sort of dominant something it’s like a L: I don’t even know. Elizabeth: Well, they did the thing where they layer the voices really really close together again, so… Henry: It’s very nice.
Elizabeth: It’s such an interesting sound. H: Well, that’s the advantage to some like multi member groups, people have have like more new three or four members H: who aren’t playing instruments is that they all contribute in some way vocally and so like you can really like explore with their sound Kevin: That’s sorta cool. K: They tonicize on the five for the bridge. K: Intriguing. Nikki: It feels rhythmically basic the whole way and then they like throw you something and it’s really it’s cool because it really deviates from that. Lindsey: It just keeps going to two-five-six. So it’s like almost two five ones over and over again but deceptive. Henry: I also like that there’s not H: super piercing synth sounds. I can just kind of have like that really like thick, uh keyboard sound.
Elizabeth: Yeah. Nikki: We haven’t heard Mark in a while on the left, I’m a little worried about what happened.
Lindsey: (laughs) Hugo: Oh god she can sing, shit. James: Dude I like the, the… what is it? J: Oh?!
H: (singing) Oh~ J: The synth sliding in on one and three.
H: Yeah. H: Well, that’s what I’m saying H: You have those chords that slide in but in between that you just have those bass and drum set and the vocal line. H: You have some songs where there’s a very complex orchestration or synth line that’s going on or bass line H: intermixing with that and then you have the vocal line on top H: whereas in this the vocal line really is the only melody that’s going on and underneath it you have hit… hit… H: and then bass J: Yeah, which is what you need in this song like this ’cause you have what 8… J: voices altogether.
H: Yeah, I mean there’s different ways to do it. But I like what they did.
J: You can’t have something that’s overly complex. H: What they did is they took something they could have been very bare like very H: you know bare minimum, and they made it sound as though it was full of H: harmonies, which can be hard to do sometimes but with the amount of people that they have and then also bringing in an extra voice, I think they do a good job of. Kevin: Musically it’s actually very interesting, K: but um, K: it’s another one in where it feels like the energy just like plateaued too early and just kept on going. K: I feel like Hyolyn’s vocals could have been brought out, especially when she started doing (singing) “Heyyy~ Yeah” K: But E-flat sharp-11 chord Isaac: Hmm kind of interesting and all that energy just like it was really great in beginning, but then it just became really repetitive K: Yeah.
I: And I kind of noticed if you actually listen to the bass line if it goes from I: F to A to G, I: sometimes F-sharp and it goes back to F jump back to A and just kind of hovers in this like a K: A?
I: It stays like this???
K: Do we have a disagreement on what key this is in? I: Wait no, okay. K: Wait hold on. Is this G minor? I: For some reason I heard F. K: It’s G and then it’s D flat, then A. K: Yeah, so it’s one-flat six-two and five it’s yeah I: I don’t know why I… (laughs) K: It happens to me too, there’s some songs.
I: Yeah, but for some reason it just kept hovering over those chords I: it’s just like well, they never move.
K: Yeah I: Doesn’t really too much.
K: I get what they’re doing near the beginning-like the first time you hear the whoop K: Is it stuck whoop-duh-duh, duh-duh it works but then later on when it comes back like I suddenly realized that K: it’s still very busy if it could be even spar-more sparse K: The part where they lessen the instrumentals just make it like even-you just hear the cuckoo like cu-ckoo, you just hear that. K: That would be great. K: But there’s still something going on in the background, K: just still a couple of layers and that just makes everything just kind of it’s just the same level.
I: Yeah. Umu: Yeah, thoughts on that overall musically and how they incorporated U: Hyolyn into their song? Jarod: She got to be like a descant, very much like kind of like J: riffing on top of everything that’s kind of going on. Katie: Just like the icing. J: Yeah, (whispers) I was thinking of saying that, I was going to say the icing on the seven layer cake.
K: Awwww J: They kind of like did their thing and then she had to have been the extra spice. Lindsey: I really like how they took the fact that they had this girl featured on the song and they really like utilized her throughout L: and not just in the parts where she was the one singing because every once in a while you would hear just like in the L: background like this floating high like (singing) “ahhh” L: kind of thing and like that’s pretty awesome. They like took what they had and they like made her more than just L: her verses like I thought that was pretty awesome. Umu: Hello everyone, welcome to our channel if you’re new. I’m the channel runner and producer of this series. U: Thanks for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to subscribe. U: Also, if you’re curious to see what else we’re going to react to in the future go ahead and check the description for a bunch U: of links that I have to playlists and schedules. Also, U: please check our Patreon U: if you want to support us. Patreons get access to unedited full-length reaction videos, U: access to exclusive content as well as early access to all the videos posted on here and more! U: So, thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day.