Naoki: Ben is with us in spirit. Naoki: Are you recording? Cuz— [gestures to Shimon]
Umu: Yes.
Naoki: Oh, okay. Good. Umu: Yeah, so Ben wasn’t able to get off his work so that’s why… Umu: Okay, this is good. [Intro. music plays] Umu: All right. So today we’re starting off with EXO. Umu: Um, if you guys remember “Monster” and “Lucky One”…
Henry: Yeahhhh Umu: Um, this actually– we’re rewinding a year and this is– came before “Monster” and “Lucky One.” Umu: I think this might be your first time with EXO.
Emiel: Okay. Davis: OH ex oh
Lindsey: Oh my god. Three, two, one. Davis: Ohhh! Hugo: Oh f*ck yeah.
Gwen: I f– I’m gonna like this song.
Hugo: I know. Gwen & Hugo: [happy cats] Hugo: They started singing it and I was like, “F*ck yeah.” Gwen & Hugo: [vibing] Gwen & Hugo: [continue vibing] Fiona: *random noises* Henry: [shook] Fiona: Funky. Henry: Boy. Henry: What?! Henry: Did they just reference a bunch of their old videos? Oh wait. No, they can’t. This is old. Kevin: Michael Jackson? It’s like “Thriller”. Yunyi: Mmm… [Considers whether or not it’s like “Thriller”] Kevin: Slower though. Emiel: Yeah, this is groovy. Henry: Yeah, for real. Henry: EXO can be hot and cold. Henry: Like, sometimes they’re just, like, thumpy, trashy dance music. Peyton: *making electronic guitar noises*
Jarod: Dude. These guys are some of the hippest dancers I’ve ever seen. Henry: Also, they just are a very good-looking group. Naoki: Oh, that’s sick.
Shimon: I like that. Naoki: The dancing was pretty spot-on.
Shimon: Oh, I’ve totally heard of this. Naoki: You’ve totally heard of this before?
Shimon: Yeah. Kevin: I think of all the retro songs this one emphasizes the guitars more than any of the other ones. Yunyi: Yeah, yeah, you always have that–
Kevin: They actually–
Yunyi: –that, that funky bass going on.
Kevin: Uh huh. Shimon: Sorry, what?
Naoki: They have riffs with the guitar and trumpets kinda like, um, I don’t know… kinda like, blues-y, jazz-y. Henry: asdflkj woah!
Fiona: *random mouth noises* Henry: [scatting] Emiel: Choreography’s pretty good too.
Henry: Yeah, the choreography’s very good. K-pop never fails with the good choreography. Henry: Oh boy. He had moves as f*ck.
Emiel and Fiona: [synergistic mouth noises] Henry: *gasp* look at those bouncy balls! That’s adorable. Naoki: Yeah, that’s very, like, electro. Naoki: But now they still have the guitar though.
Shimon: Yeah. Naoki: So it’s like a fusion of styles. Shimon: It would’ve been nice if they did a key change right there.
Naoki: If what? Shimon: If they did a key change.
Naoki: Yeah. Lindsey: This is, like, very 80’s pop kinda…
Davis: Yeah. Lindsey: Like, the, the harmonies that sound very, like… Lindsey: Like the subtle, little, like, falsetto things in the harmonies. That makes it sound very 80’s. Gwen: This song is so good! Hugo: [agrees] Lindsey: I like this. It’s very, like, *snaps* groovy. Lindsey: It’s like, disco-ish, kinda. Kevin: I don’t know how– I don’t like that sound. Yunyi: Nice way of subverting the tonic. Henry: I don’t know Fiona: *random noises* Fiona: Oh! Woo~~ Jarod: This has a really, like, kinda, like, Bruno Mars feel to it, you know what I’m saying?
Peyton: Yeah. Jarod: Like, it’s got, like, that driving, very pop-y–
Peyton: This is actually a very Bruno Mars vibe now that I think about it.
Jarod: Yeah Jarod: I’m trying to think of the exact song I’m hearing. Jarod: Oh. Wait. Any of them. Lindsey: Yeah, this is, like, aesthetically pleasing. Davis: Yeah– Davis: Yeah it all compliments each oth– itself really well. Like with the music and the way the camera moves.
Lindsey: Yeah. Davis: It’s all, like, really quick. And like–
Lindsey: I also like how it– there’s not really, like, a real story going on in this. It’s just a lot of, like, frames. Yunyi: I feel like them and, like, BTS have the most consistently beautiful cinematography–
Kevin: That’s true.
Yunyi: –in their videos. Henry: Meh. It was pretty good.
Fiona: *noises* Emiel: Yeah.
Henry: It’s pretty funky, but like, meh… Umu: Wh- what specifically did you like, um, about it? Was it– the live trumpet– or brass? Emiel: That was pretty cool.
Henry: There was some live brass. That was pretty dope. Um… Emiel: Some good falsetto too.
Emiel: Like, good voice. Henry: Good, Falsetto– Kevin: It doesn’t…
Yunyi: It doesn’t venture to new territory.
Kevin. Yeahhh. Kevin: It doesn’t– I don’t leaving– I don’t leave it going, like, “Yeah…!” Kevin: Like, I don’t know. By the end of it I’m like, “Oh…” Kevin: Eight out of ten. 7.5 out of ten. Yunyi: You’re, like, grading everything on the scale now. Kevin: Yes.
Umu: Let’s, let’s grade on the scale of food. Kevin: One pound of pork. Sc– “scale” of food?
[anyone? anyone?] Jarod: Very pop-y. You know, you got, like, the typical, like, kinda pop— actually, it was like brass synths.
Peyton: With some funk sprinkes. Peyton: Some funk sprinkles.
Jarod: [agrees] Some funk sprinkles. You know, heavy, heavy beat. Jarod: Um, like, a SYNTH beat. Not necessarily, like, a DRUM beat. Like a drum MACHINE beat. Jarod: Your synths. Um… kind of– not really horns, but more like horn, uh, samples, than like live ones. Umu: Mm-hmm. Jarod: So… Umu: Overall just, like, more like a dance song–
Jarod: Yeah. Another, another kinda dance tune. Jarod: Like, not necessarily, like, super substantial where I’m sitting there, like, “Wow. What a fine tune.” Umu: Yeah. Thoughts? Peyton: Yeah! Uh… Peyton: Just really, like, a good dance tune. Like, I wanna, like, dance to this in a club. Peyton: Like, just, kinda, “Oh dang, girl just LOVE ME RIGHT YEAAH. WOO!” Kevin: I actually like the beginning more because it reminded me of, like, something, like, a Michael Jackson vocal would do. Like the way the *sings* Kevin: There’s that, you know– plays with that dominant seventh and that *points to throat* was out of tune, but… Yunyi: I just didn’t find any parts of it to be extremely memorable.
Kevin: [agrees] It’s quite true. Yunyi: That, that was probably my qualm with it. Yunyi: Like, it does everything well, but there wasn’t that extra oomph factor for me. Umu: Right. Yunyi: So, I remember the music video was really beautifully shot. Kevin: “I remember”. Like it happened a long time ago. Davis: I was kind of like, “Uhhh.” And then they hit that a capella section. I was like, “Yes! That is how you make successful pop song.” Davis: Cuz you build that tension before, you’re just like *boof* Davis: And then you hit it. And then they hit it. And so I thought it was really good. Lindsey: I agree. Davis: Yeah. Davis: Nice job, EXO. Umu: Alright. And what were you talking about with, like, the guitar? Davis: Yeah, the guitar. It was sick. Davis: I, like– again, I don’t know if it was like a, a thing, like, that they *air pedals*
Umu: Pedal? Davis: You know, they have like the pedal effects or whatever, but it was just like the way it– but it was just… Davis: You know, it was, it was like a cute little… *air guitars* I don’t even know. Davis: You heard it. If you listen to it, you’ll hear it. You’ll know what I’m talking about.
Umu: Right.
Davis: It’s fine. Davis: It’s there and I liked it. Davis: It was a nice– That’s, that’s the, that’s the thing is they bring all this stuff in the background to the foreground Davis: and once you hear it then, like, you notice it the whole song and it’s just, like, good. Davis: Layers. Umu: Right. Did you like anything about the song specifically? Lindsey? Lindsey: I liked the harmonies, like the vocal harmonies. Davis: Yes. Vocal… Naoki: It was fun.
Shimon: I recognize it.
Umu: Did you see– yeah. Umu: Um, did you see how, like, they did variations? Kind of?
Naoki: On the chorus part? Shimon: Oh, I think that’s a really normal thing to do in uhh, most popular music when they have, like, the climax Shimon: and then when they’re going down to… what is it called? The resolution? Naoki: The resolution.
Shimon: I don’t know. Um… Naoki: The coda.
Shimon: The coda! The coda! [this guy] Shimon: They, like, take the melody, but they kinda elaborate on it. Um… Shimon: Oh, what’s the word?
Naoki: Wait, what are you talking about? I wasn’t listening. Shimon: Um…
Naoki: I was too busy drinking.
Shimon: They were, like improvising off of it but they just, like, add embellishment. Naoki: Ahhhh yes. Embellishment.