Aftre the huge response for ‘Khidkya’ and ‘Waada’ shortfilms
we bring to you.. HOBBIES Seeing you sister put on ‘ghungroos’ for the very first time had you, too, insisted that dad buy you a ‘tabla’ in its stead? Remember when diving headlong into the water was as easy as humming the intricate tune of a song? Over countless broken pencils and well-used erasers do you remember drawing pictures that, though ordinary…meant the world to you. Remember how beautiful your writing once looked? Remember that leaf preserved carefully within the pages of your book? As a child, langdi, kho-kho, swimming or the gym, you did everything with intensity. But it’s been years since you actually ran for anything. Remember those nights spent watching movies back-to-back? If only such intense concentration was devoted to your studies! There were countless hobbies and crafts to be pursued and it is you who left them behind, rather than the other way round But memories of the melodies still move your feet and mischief still twinkles in your eyes. Faraway mountains still beckon your longing heart and many a table-top move your hands to a familiar rhythm. Just the other day, the old flute was brought out and practiced hands still draw pretty pictures in your daughter’s books. It was you who lost the ‘harmonium’, you who threw away the crayons, gave away the ‘tabla’, forgot the song, The bat lies gathering dust, interests lie forgotten, the inkwell has run dry. And you, who always thought of water as your friend,
drowned in something entirely else. Didn’t you ever think of sharpening that pencil? Run with your friends till your breath ran ragged? It’s time to keep work aside and toss away that phone. Forget about status symbols and leave your comfort zone. Peek into your satchel. Your old companions are all there, still waiting for you. You may have left them, but they’re still there They’re still yours. All yours. Let’s look back into the chilhood and recapture the lost hobbies..