today has been the international press freedom I stand in solidarity with all courageous journalists in Uganda who continue to do their work in the Mideast of untold harassment intimidation torture and brutality thank you brothers and sisters in the media fraternity for withstanding state crackdown and standing firm in the face of the brutal regime every autocratic regime targets the media because as they say democracy dies in darkness whenever the media is silenced these posts get a fill there to kill torture and silence citizens then they can plan the state resources without anyone seeing that is why the regime in Uganda is desperate to kill whatever is left of the media freedom indeed this year's day comes at a time when several journalists risk losing their jobs because of the Uganda Communications Commission you see see as illegal or that there are media houses to suspend them with immediate effect they are crying because they covered us as we went to us Avila on 29th April therefore our struggle to free Uganda must include the struggle to free the media and indigo moon to the unveiling good people power our power boo booing I own the dinar gamba when injustice becomes the law resistance becomes a duty I Thank You ganda and the world for continuing to stand with us in our struggle for a better country no matter what happens no matter what they do to us Uganda will be free enough is enough Radio the International Press Freedom Day Nanga Bouin Chagas aku aku gamba knock una luz de gaia ganga era mucho sarah it's easy when you en un yo La Vina Vina to mana UCC jacuzzi TIG debate generalizable nabokov Iringa saga Yarrawonga Beaudoin agenda Abu Saleh ocula conference or venue Morocco Ghana Okemah pista vaginalis to Pune Ibaka Vargas iguana novices paintings with immediate effect will see a tiny see inflation get a boom on see a bank robber Singh Ganga behen a minimum very unemployed government a noble minimum Attica te reo Gruffalo unemployed Vava suspending with immediate effect no mornings in daraa the ninja continue or Nahua international press the resume Uganda or Valero gatim Uganda family mo freedom from Uganda regime Eric targeting the media manga Buble Nogami indeed every autocratic regime targets the media because as they say democracy dies in darkness whenever the media is silenced these ports get a field day to kill torture and silence citizen then they planted a state resources without anyone seeing the value chain to Singapore van Tommaso young media media and Technology media even among media TV media's radio media says no social media channels actually Kokua to a generation age sensitizing our to a solution an issue area information in case of recovering a bank robbery in bizarre to Tierra media at Uganda quality purchasing acquit exposing as I was not a media humanity government your equal interval ng o woman intergovernmental tenable watching over or suspending by journalists and susana is another dictator Zamagni Puako Sidon singa betina lists or emotivism of freedom of speech cutting Unga true calles sarah diemer's effects attend da-da-da-da-da manage a genetic change no bookings which I am a system of Orinoco Bereans way through caqui to Omani moody opposition we endure a man a young Guerra Kanaga fishy addicted dictator Vij's econo Quico manga aqua aqua Cahuenga mantra folk a dictator a fakir a dictator hungaricum una muchacha Syria Uganda Uganda khulafa to be single general rules but you can gavel avid watcher each Subaru by Umberto charitable Okwe ambassador melanne busy with Yaakov valency a miracle to be monocular Sawa's innovate on DC bougas oxidizing media yoga and omar anoke voice of Africa Rwanda certainty as world Freedom Day is celebrated television and radio stations in Uganda are being targeted over coverage of an opposition figures appearance in court journalists are protesting the Oded suspension of the news readers at 13 stations over what the Uganda Communication Commission's call repeated bridge of minimum broadcasting standards the Commission accuses them of carrying extremists messages including in st. made of violence a the local Association of Broadcasters indicate it will oppose the directive the Committee to Protect Journalists argues authorities to resend it the Kraken it ought to be related to this week's coverage of pop star and opposition lawmaker Bobby wine a powerful voice of young people disenchanted me President Jubilee Museveni's long rule the singer is charged with disobeying statuary authority with a protest last year a gomorrah gandhi keep a voice of africa VOA news Bhanumati money ichigan Damaso cannibal Burgamy baba suspending your messaging show me the same way I do indeed my gondola voice of Africa Rwanda singing and I yo yo get up into the air movie began the masses equilibrium to be no Romani board way me Ghana waking up and Gestapo plug upon 2 H 2 from Uganda I think of an amoeba Kazakh cool equipment Ibaka very Ingham and away mocha away minimal genome tofu in Yamuna Mali at rogue Arango HED Aqaba Khedira human amaldi atari biased Kitab Avanti Sawa's in Uganda toboggan acutally heavily imagining a gala to do in Yoruba extremist von Weber gamba vanamali was suspending a Uganda ambassador extremists llamas Deema bogey Rama's i'ma new achieving achieving new thi government EFA ago Chocula game as imago kathy thomas mammootty vaca gala truffle event raga to caesar navigate economy government by extremists in sunni buzzy food over soon which will choke tubes are they away oh but when Muhammad aunt enough is enough I'm Ali Riza heo so Changa to determine while it is at Teatro when I walked while a struggle enormous glue in a dolphin in the gambling to peace [Applause] [Applause] you