Hi I’m bobby crispy This Rock Guitar Lesson is About Bending strings One of the Characteristics of Guitar Playing Especially Rock and Blues is the Bending of strings and Riffs and solos Without Them Rock Guitar Playing Would sound as dull as Dishwater So i’ll show some exercises and Riffs the Practice [so] first of all You Should be Bending Up to A note like Not Suspending all Over the place so what to do go to the third string [14th] fret Play That Note And go to the 12th fret end Up and Try [and] Make it sound like that first Note okay, next you Could try, Bending up then, back Down like so you could play That Riff There okay and Some Little wrists of the Practice I have Benzema okay first one Is this I Just Follow Along with the tabs here ah [next] one Is this Yes what is this? This Then This one Here that’s Played Over and Over again And this from here Which is Just Then Transfer that’s Okay, that’s A Lesson I hope it’s Been Helpful and Thanks for Watching