– Hey you guys. Welcome back to another week. Thank you for taking a break with me and Brayden last week. We were tired. – [Brayden] Super tired! – So we took a little moment off. I did a super fun live feed and it was really fun to talk to you guys. But we’re back today. We’re back and better than ever. We’re wearing mesh. I’m wearing mesh, Brayden
is not wearing mesh. – [Brayden] You don’t know that. – That’s true. You don’t know. On the real, though, my top is from Dancewear Corner. It’s the Tiler Peck Keyhole Mesh Top and it’s actually really comfortable, really cute, and it breathes. My armpits are sweaty
but you can’t even tell. Check out Dancewear Corner I’m gonna link this exact top in my bio. They have really cute stuff so if you want something fancy like this go over to their website. And again it’s from Tiler Peck. Link in the description, Babeh. Let’s do some contemp! We’re here, we’re on the floor, we are sitting on our little knees, okay? Our booty’s on our heels. Your hands are on your thighs and you’re sit up nice and tall. The music starts at the very beginning so you can play it from 0:00. That’s time code. We sit up nice and tall. You’re gonna sit onto
your left butt-cheek. ‘Kay? And this right arm extends all the way up. It frames across your left cheek as we look left. You push with your left palm to shift over to your right side. My legs are going to go nice and straight with pointed toes, swing to the right front diagonal and then with nice little Barbie feet you’re gonna pull in and your hands slide down your shins. Okay? My body is doing a little bit of a curve in, a contraction. My left leg goes through my right leg With a pointed toe, I stand up and, together. So, let’s bring it back. That’s just the beginning. Okay? We’re- ow We’re here. We go- We sit, extend, frame your face, push to the other side, swing straight legs, Barbie feet, left goes through, point your toes, stand up. Okay? Okay. All right guys, so you just stood up. You’re gonna do a three-step turn. Left, right, left to the left side. ‘Kay? Your arm are making
this kind of open circle and this is to the left side of your body. At the end one, two, three, your hand comes underneath your chin and then it presses down, really sharp. My palms go to my hips. And then I look up. Okay? So, that was a couple different things in one little moment. We stood up from the floor, we go three-step turn, chin, press. While you’re looking down, hip, head. From here, this left leg is gonna release. It bends to come in. Now, this movement is done best when you release your
arms and your upper body so you don’t look like a robot doing it. ‘Kay? When you come in with that left foot you’re gonna step in front of your body so that my right leg can passe through, cross in front, step left, shift left. Whoa. Let’s do that again. Back it up. We stood up, we go, three-step turn, chin, press. Hip, head. Release, cross front, passe, cross front, step left, shift left. How’d it go? I wish I could get an
answer from you guys. Let’s try it a couple of times with music. Couple times meaning ‘once’ ’cause you can rewind. YouTube. (running) It didn’t even start! (slow contemporary music) Unnecessary. And… ♪ Moon ♪ ♪ I’m there soon ♪
Lift. ♪ I’m leaving quite early ♪ ♪ tomorrow morning ♪ Hey, try that a couple times. Okay friends, this next part has a little
bit more technique than pre- per usual. So, just don’t panic, listen to my advice and I’ll break it down step by step, okay? So you’re here. Your weight is in your left leg. You’re gonna put you back, the back of your hand to your forehead. I call it ‘wipe sweat’. You’re gonna wipe the
sweat from your forehead and shift your weight to your right foot. You’re doing a catch step. So your left foot is going
to catch up to your right. Plié, catch, down. ‘Kay? Now you’re doing a pas de bourrée with your left foot stepping back. Left, right, left. Now if you notice, I’m
in a pirouette prep. Ahh Pirouettes, it’s gonna be fine. You can do a single, a double, seven, if you’re Brayden, 25 pirouettes, okay. You’re gonna do a beautiful turn, up, and it’s gonna extend out. Good news is, you get to
step on it right after so if you’re falling, it’s gonna be okay. All right. Bring it back to you prep. We go pirouette, extend, step right, left. Let’s bring it back. So, you are here. You’re gonna wipe the
sweat, shift your weight, plié, left, right, pas de bourrée left, right, prep, pirouette arabesque, step right, step left. Let’s do that with the music. From the tip top. Tip. Top. (laughing) ♪ Moon ♪ ♪ I’m there soon. ♪ ♪ I’m leaving quite early ♪ ♪ tomorrow morning. ♪ ♪ Undercovered baby ♪ ♪ Is what you ask of me ♪ ♪ Soon ♪
(Laughing) I don’t know how to end it. Okay, so we just did our arabesque extension, you stepped right left, pro-tip, when you’re
doing those walks back, keep your chin and your chest lifted and your foot is going
to its demi pointe, okay? So right, left. From here, your right hand,
which is your back hand, is going to swivel underneath the left elbow. You’re gonna pull across your body- You know, remember those
stretching in PE, Bray? (Brayden hums an agreement) We did this, then you go like this, they you’d like love over at your crush and you’re like, you know? And we’re back. We go swivel, elbow, pull across, from here my left arm goes
on top of my right arm. I call these genie arms. Shout out, “I Dream of Jeannie”, okay. We go, parallel, head, one more expansion, and then back to your head, mkay? Okay Miss Auti. So, we’re gonna come back. We go, arabesque, walk, walk, plié, swivel through, stretch, genie, parallel, head, extend, head. You made it to the end. (fingers snapping)
What’s the emoji? The red one, what’s she doing? (fingers snapping)
Right? – [Brayden] One of those. (laughing) – Brayden is tired of it. It meaning me. Here we go people! (feet stepping) (giggling) Take a breath. ♪ Moon, ♪ ♪ I’m there soon. ♪ ♪ I’m leaving quite early ♪ ♪ tomorrow morning. ♪ ♪ Undercovered baby, ♪ ♪ is what you ask of me ♪ ♪ Soon ♪ ♪ I’ll be disguised. ♪ Yay! ♪ Shooting star, I’m
without a safety net. ♪ We made it. Are you sweating? Because me and Brayden are sweaty. (laughing) Um, you guys, thanks for dancing with me. Uh, I hope that you like that combo, it seems like you guys are really enjoying um, the choreography videos. So, the contemporary, the
lyrical, and the jazz. Comment, let me know how it’s going and
what else you guys wanna see. Um, I get really excited when
I see the videos of you guys trying this exact
choreography that I’m posting, and you’re tagging me in
them and it’s so cute, it’s really fun to watch. Many of you told me that you hit your toe on the living room table trying it. So, asterisk, be careful. Try it at home but also,
you know, watch your toes? Yeah? – [Brayden] That sounds legal, yeah. (laughing) That’s the exact legal terminology. Watch your toes. Anyways, check out this dance
top again at Dancewear corner. Um, thank you to them for
sending me lots of cute stuff to share with you guys. I will see you next week. (blows kiss) Peace, love, dance. (dinging) (laughing) (chill electronic music)