If I asked you to name all the people you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? They tell you you’re enough. But do you agree with that stuff? They tell you you’re worth it. But all that love they talk of, do you really deserve it? Alright, let’s look at it squarely: You got a million flaws, you’re not free of wrongs. You don’t look so great. Your nose, it isn’t straight. No, I’m not trying to be funny, you don’t even have a lot of money. You’re not as fit as those celebrities, your body’s got a thousand irregularities. You ain’t got a single friend, apart from the few who just pretend. The way you speak, sounds so weak. The way you dress, gives people stress. Your thoughts, they’re a total mess. And the complexion of your skin, does not seem akin to society’s standards of what’s beautiful and what isn’t. Now with that many things against you, you shouldn’t have any respect whatsoever for yourself, right? Well at least that’s what society has conditioned you to believe! But I ask you even if there’s a thousand things against you, so what? And who’s keeping score anyway? I’m not! These standards, they’re lies. Like enemies, in disguise. Made to hold you back, and chain you down, and keep you bound to the ground. Like, why would a woman determine her worth by the size of her butt? Are you sane, or is your mind shut? Why would a man evaluate his masculinity by how many inches he got on his arm? Show them how good your heart is, ’cause that’s the real charm! Why would putting makeup on their face make someone feel fantastic? That stuff you so confidently use, it’s just plastic! Not making sense? Let me put it this way: How many businesses would go out of business, if you got into the business of accepting yourself as you truly are? How much money would you save if you stopped letting them guilt you into buying what they had to sell? Ring any bells now? He said it. I read it. And I told you. Now the question is: Would you have the courage to act on it? or are you going to let them rob you of your peace and take away your wealth, while you struggle with your mental health? Over to you.