hi this is Ken Kiernan from on song
International and sorry I think I’ve just pinned my lavalier microphone to my
left nipple anyways hope you’ve had a fantastic week
welcome to the video blog on Saturday so on Tuesday night I’m cooking dinner for
my family and my daughter is playing piano she’s getting ready for a recital
that’s around the corner she’s 13 she’s playing some Ivaldi and technically
unbelievable she’s hitting all the notes she can read music a thousand times
better than her father ever will but what I was noticing was I didn’t feel
any sort of emotional content and we sort of slowed things down and we went
over what does this make you feel like etc and then once she sort of had a
little bit of a picture in her mind of what the music was about emotionally
play it again and voila a whole different world and that leads us to
this week’s video blog what a gift you have you’re a songwriter whether you’re
in a band whether you’re a singer-songwriter you have this
unbelievable capacity to sing to play things that are true to you you’re
inventing them they’re your stories that your feelings they’re your emotion what
a gift and you have that ability that when you experience joy you can express
joy when you’re absolutely furious about your surroundings about your life about
treatment of yourself someone else you have that capacity when you’ve just made
love to someone and it’s fantastic you can write about it when you’ve just made
love to someone it’s horrible you can write about it when you feel trusted
when you feel anxious so many people in this life they never express themselves
they’re bottled up and quite frankly a lot of them are some pretty miserable
people so again what a gift you have now a lot of times I’ll come across people
that are songwriters and say well I got you know writer’s block I haven’t
written anything in weeks months years and that it always makes me wonder one
how in touch with their own emotions are are
and and maybe maybe life is quiet and you don’t have a lot going on but there
is so much that’s going around you and I’ll give you an example this is a very
interesting experience that I had it was it was last Saturday I was having a bit
of a run and I’m running past this place called the Waterloo Bay Hotel and I see
quite a few people in this courtyard area and lo and behold I slowed down and
there’s a topless bar made Wow I wasn’t expecting that and um and I noticed
about three four meters away from them a couple women that were I’m assuming
we’re in their late 50s and there yeah I have it a bit of a cigarette and a drink
and they’re kind of looking over at this young woman that’s getting all the
attention from men her age twice their age three times her age and I couldn’t
help but wonder what would these older ladies say to the young one and vice
versa the point is is that triggered an idea for a song and they’re all around
us everywhere and all I get is our job to take these little moments in to build
upon them and to paint that picture and sometimes they’re small sometimes it’s a
it’s a two-minute song varying melody sometimes it’s big you look at something
like Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon or wish you were here and it’s this expanse
on one idea that opens up and opens up and then something that’s pretty huge
but the point is is we are so lucky to have the capacity to bring that out
there are a lot of people that can play the notes can you tell the story can you
tell the story with emotion that allows someone else to feel how you feel and
when you can do that watch out you’re going to be dangerous all right if you
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